Navamsa chart Predction from navamsa chart

Navamsa chart prediction for marriage

Navamsa chart prediction for marriage is a important step to understand whether you will be happy or not in your married life. Marriage is...
Navamsa Chart Prediction for Marriage, Career, Spirituality

Navamsa (D9) chart reading for marriage,career,spirituality

Navamsa signifies 9 Amsa. It literally means the 9 aspects in our life. It is a divisional chart and has been given immense importance...
Marriage Partner Prediction

Marriage partner prediction from astrology

Marriage Partner Prediction from Spouse Astrology Marriage and relationship is very important in our life. But now a days relationship has become more complicated. So...

Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage in Horoscope

Love marriage or Arrange Marriage? This is a burning question in the mind of all young people. But we often see that people face...
Lagna Lord In 7th House

Lagna Lord or Ascendant Lord in Seventh House

1st Lord in 7th house means your 1st Lord is placed in 7th house or 7th Bhava. 7th house is one of the important...
Lagna Lord in 9th House

Lagna Lord or Ascendant Lord in Ninth House

In Vedic Astrology 9th house gives us information about our fortune and luck. How much fortunate or lucky you are, can be known from analyzing...
Lagna Lord in 10th House

Lagna Lord – Ascendant Lord (1st Lord) in Tenth House

1st Lord in 10th house means- 1st Lord is placed in your 10th house. It is an important combination which must be studied in...
Career Prediction from Navamsa Chart

Career prediction in Astrology from Navamsa chart

Navamsa kundli is important not only for marriage, but also for career and profession. The position of the 10th Lord in Navamsa, and the...
Career Prediction in D-10 Chart

Career prediction from D-10 chart

Profession or Career is a very important part of our life. We all are very curious to know what we will do in our...
Ascendant Lord In 1st House

Ascendant Lord in 1st House-Most Detailed Analysis

1st Lord in 1st House 1st house or ascendant is yourself. The term ‘1st Lord in 1st House’ means the planet that rules over the...