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1st Lord or Ascendant Lord in 2nd House


1st Lord in 2nd House creates a great Dhana Yoga or Wealth Giving Yoga. In today’s time, money and wealth is most important factor in our life. So you are fortunate if you have this placement. Lagna Lord in Second house is a good position and brings lot of good effects in Life.

What is 1st House or Lagna ?

1st House or Lagna or Ascendant indicates our physical Body or our existence. Our Life starts from this point. 1st Lord or Lagna Lord is a Very important Planet in the zodiac. So its placement has to be studied very carefully.

What is 2nd house ?

2nd House Indicates, Our family, wealth etc which are essential for sustenance of this Life or Physical Body. 2nd House also indicates our mouth, speaking ability, kind of food we prefer etc.

So when the Lord of Physical Body goes to the House of Family Resource, it makes a fortunate combination.

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Result of 1st Lord in 2nd House

Lagna Lord in Second House will give a person good physical appearance, charming face, excellent teeth and good oratory skills. With Good communication Skills, you will have the capability to attract others through magnetic talks.

2nd house being the house of speech and also resided by goddess Sarasvati, the goddess of knowledge and wisdom, This makes you learned and wise. With Ascendant Lord in 2nd house, native will have pleasing Personality. The 1st Lord in 2nd house will make native gainful, scholar, happy, religious, honorable.

Though this House is consider a neutral House, yet the placement of Lagna Lord in the Second House puts the Lagna Bhava into the Twelfth House from it, which indicates a loss of personality crisis to the native especially, if it is placed in debilitation or is associated with a debilitated planet or otherwise loses strength in the Second House.

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If 1st Lord in Second House is not well placed, he may face Health problem or difficulty in case other cancellation factors are not present. Ascendant Lord in the second House should not lose strength or should not be debilitated. If it is debilitated one’s life is under question and your health will always give you problem.

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Second House is House of wealth therefore, 1st Lord in 2nd house will create a good dhana Yoga or wealth producing Yoga in Vedic Astrology. You will have no dearth of money. In fact You will always have money and will have enough wealth and materialistic acquisitions. You may acquire good wealth and fame through communication skills. Therefore, Lagna Lord in Second House indicates that the person will never be short of money.

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2nd House also indicates 2nd Marriage. If Ascendant Lord in Second House is connected to Seventh Lord Or the Eleventh Bhava one will have more than wife or multiple wives. 1st Lord in 2nd house creates Second Marriage Yoga. This indication, however, comes true, only if the 7th and 8th house are afflicted. One may rise in life thorough the money from the wife’s side.

Second house is also the house of family. The presence of the Lagna lord in the 2nd house makes the native is committed towards the family. The commitment can also be extended to the family outside his immediate family, all the relations, and his community in whole. The native shall constantly try to fulfill the requirement of his family or the community. This also makes the native respectable in the eye of the family and the community and honorable too.

Lagna Lord placed in Second House if aspected by Mars, connected to Mars or placed in the Varga of Mars in Navamsha, the person will have extraordinary land and landed property. This person would like to help others.The native will be susceptible to eye or eye associated trouble, or facial trouble, pimples etc.

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If Lagna Lord is connected to the Sun, Mars and Jupiter the person will have extraordinary governmental favor and governmental connections. One may attain fame and recognition.

Lagna Lord in Second aspected by Jupiter or Mercury denotes that the person can become a seer. If it is aspected by both, one can become head of the community or a cult.

1st Lord in Second House conjunct with Ketu  may give power of hypnotizing or occult science. If retrograde Mercury along with Ketu  is associated with Lagna Lord in the Second House, can perform black-magic, Siddh Karma.

If the Lagna Lord is not connected to a debilitated planet or a retrograde planet one will be pure and will be considered a clean person.

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If Lagna Lord goes into the inimical sign then one will always be involved in controversies.

If Lagna Lord in the Second House is being aspected by Jupiter or Saturn or there is any connection to Jupiter and Saturn then the native will not get ancestral property. Even if one gets the property one will lose it or will be unable to enjoy it.

Now Lets Discuss what kind of Results can be expected when different planet becomes 1st Lord and occupies the 2nd House.

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1st Lord Sun in 2nd House:

Sun becomes 1st Lord for Leo Ascendant. Virgo becomes the 2nd house. Sun is quite comfortable in Virgo. You will help and support your family but as Sun is an egoistic planet, you will always try to get recognition for your support. You will try to be little bit dominating. It can give you eye problem.

1st Lord Moon in 2nd House:

For cancer Ascendant Moon becomes the 1st Lord. Leo is the 2nd house. When Moon goes to 2nd house Leo for cancer ascendant. It makes a person emotionally attached to family and relatives. You will have very pleasing voice. Even goods skills in music is also possible.

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1st Lord Mars in 2nd house:

Mars becomes 1st Lord for Aries and Scorpio Ascendant. Taurus and Sagittarius becomes the 2nd house respectively. When Mars occupies the 2nd house Taurus being the 1st Lord for Aries Ascendant it can give you disturbance with family and relatives. You can be very aggressive regarding money mater. Litigation or even court case within the family is also possible. Relationship with in-laws will also suffer.

But when Mars occupies the 2nd house Sagittarius the results are not bad. Sagittarius is friendly sign and Mars becomes strong in this sign. Your communication and speech will be quite authoritative. This is a good position for money and wealth.

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1st Lord Mercury in 2nd House:

Mercury becomes Lagna Lord for Gemini and Virgo Lagna. Cancer and Libra becomes the 2nd house respectively. When Mercury occupies the 2nd house Cancer for Gemini, it does not produce very good result. Cancer is inimical sign. With this placement you can have emotional way of talking. Your relationship with your family member will be good. You can get support from your family.

When Mercury occupies the 2nd house Libra for Virgo Ascendant, it gives excellent communication skills, interests in Arts, music etc. It is also a good position for finance and money.

1st Lord Venus in 2nd House:

Venus becomes Ascendant Lord for Taurus and Libra. Gemini and Scorpio is the 2nd house respectively. When Venus occupies the 2nd house Gemini being the 1st Lord, it gives a refined taste in everything. It will give you a pleasing personality. Money or finance will be very important for you. You will also get family support.

When Venus occupies 2nd house Scorpio for Libra Ascendant, It can make you very secretive regarding family matters. This is not good placement for married life and it can give more than one marriage.

1st Lord Jupiter in 2nd house:

Jupiter becomes 1st Lord for Sagittarius and Pisces Ascendant. Capricorn and Aries are the 2nd house respectively. When Jupiter occupies 2nd house Capricorn it becomes debilitated and weak. So, it is not a good placement. This can give health problem, disturb in family life. It is also not good for finance and wealth. But if this Jupiter gets Neecha-Bhanga or cancellation of debilitation, the result will change.

When Jupiter occupies Aries sign being the 1st Lord it gives lot of financial fortune, family help and support. It will make you wise, learned and you will have good communication skill.

1st Lord Saturn in 2nd house:

Saturn becomes the Lagna Lord for Capricorn and Aquarius sign. The 2nd house are Aquarius and Pisces respectively. When Saturn occupies the 2nd house Aquarius it become very strong. Aquarius is the Moola-Trikona house for Saturn. So, it gives highly Auspicious results in this position. You will be able to make lot of money and wealth. Your relationship with family and relatives will be good.

When Saturn occupies Pisces sign being the 1st Lord it can make you talkative. Through you will support your family and relatives but still Your relation with them will suffer. You will be able to make good amount of money through less then the previous placement.

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These are Some general Information based on your Lagna and position of 1st Lord. But the actual Result can differ from this due to the aspect, conjunction, Nakshatra, Placement in Navamsa or other divisional Chart. The Divisional charts play an important role in this. But in general we can say that Ascendant Lord in 2nd house is a Good placement.

I have tried to give some information. If you have any query, feel free to comment.



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