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2nd Lord in 1st House(Lagna) for all Ascendant


2nd Lord in 1st house is considered to be very good. In Vedic Astrology 1st house and 2nd house, both are important house for money, wealth and success. So when these two houses are inter connected, it generally produces beneficial result.

But what planet and what sign is ruling your second house, it’ll have a completely different effect. We will discuss the effect for each Planet and each Ascendant individually. But before that we need to understand the 1st house and 2nd House.

What is 2nd house

2nd house of Horoscope is also called as Dhana Bhava or house of wealth. It shows our bank balance or Accumulated wealth. Other than money and wealth it also signify our relatives and family members, our speech and communication ability, our eating habits etc. So any planet placed in 2nd house or 2nd Lord making any kind of combinations with any planet or house. Will affect many important areas of our life.

What is 1st house

The first House of the horoscope is referred to as Lagna Bhava or Udayam or Tanu Bhava. Each of these names is appropriate according to their connotations.

At the time of birth, a particular Rashi rises on the eastern horizon. This Rashi represents the Lagna or Ascendant. Since Udayam means rising, this House therefore is also know as Udayam Lagna.

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The Ascendant indicates the physical attributes of the native, therefore it is also called the Tanu Bhava. Tanu means the body. Since from the first House the natives physical appearance can be judged it is appropriate to call it, Tanu Bhava.

The first House corresponds to the beginning of life of the native. In fact the Lagna indicates the life of the native. The basic length of the life and whatever one will achieve in this life, has to be judged from the 1st House or Ascendant.The Lagna reveals the true self of the native, that is the inner self as well as personality.

Result of 2nd Lord in 1st house

2nd Lord in 1st house means the owner or ruler of 2nd house is placed in your ascendant or Lagna. It generally indicates that the person will earn his own wealth. He will be self reliant, prosperous and popular. To make money, out of one’s caliber , will be more predominant in a person whose Second Lord is associated with Lagna or ascendant. You will have extraordinary gift of being able to turn sand into gold.

When your ascendant Lord goes to 2nd house, you will get the family assets. You will get the family savings and help in making money.

You will get inherited wealth if the Ninth Lord or the Sun has any connection with this combination.

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Second Lord in this House will also give a person extraordinary good nature. You can have good communication skill if 2nd Lord is not afflicted or debilitated.

But if it is aspected by or connected with Eighth Lord or Third Lord in any way, he may have a tendency to lose his wealth by his own wrong doings. Influence coming from any other planet may alter this. Associated with benefics, the Second Lord in the First House promises good wealth for the native and with malefic the native will finish one’s own and even ancestral wealth.

Though it is considered as a good placement but some time it can make you self centered. You will be very materialistic in your approach.

2nd Lord in 1st house will give you good health. But If the Second Lord placed in Lagna is a malefic planet or retrograde or otherwise weak, you can face some health problem in your early age.

When Second Lord in Lagna is connected to the Sun or the Moon – the person can have eye associated problems.

Now lets discuss the effect of 2nd Lord in 1st house for different planets

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2nd Lord in 1st house for cancer ascendant

Sun is the 2nd house Lord for Cancer ascendant. When the Sun is in Cancer ascendant, its rules the 2nd house with Leo sign and is placed in the 1st house in the sign of Cancer. This placement indicates your family.

It also indicates the importance of your father in moulding your personality. You will get the values of your family through your father. You will be very proud of your family lineage. This placement will also make you emotional and closely attach with your family.

2nd Lord in 1st house for Gemini ascendant

Moon is the 2nd Lord for Gemini ascendant. So 2nd Lord in 1st House for Gemini ascendant means, Moon is in 1st house. Because of this placement, you will be highly inspired by your mother. So your mother is the key person in the family. You will also be benefited with the values from her.

As Moon is in Gemini you can be business oriented. You may be involved in family business. You can continue multiple task at a time. You will be very creative in business field with many ideas in your brain.

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Mars become the 2nd Lord for Pisces and Libra ascendant.

2nd Lord in 1st house for Pisces ascendant

For Pisces sign, Mars rules the 2nd and 9th house. This can give you a very masculine personality. Mars is the significator for energy, action etc. so it can make you energetic. You will become very competitive. But some time you may have to face struggles within your family, especially with brothers regarding family property or wealth.

2nd Lord in 1st house for Libra ascendant

For Libra ascendant Mars rules the 2nd house and 7th house. Due to this placement the chances of struggle or clash in a family will be more. Mars is in a sign ruled by Venus and Venus is quite neutral sign for Mars. So you will be very active in business or trading. It can give you a natural skill to resolve the difference or disagreement between people. So you can become a good diplomat or a famous lawyer.

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Mercury becomes the 2nd Lord for Taurus and Leo ascendant.

2nd Lord in 1st house for Taurus ascendant

When Mercury is in 1st house in Taurus, it rules the 2nd and 5th house for Taurus ascendant people. This placement will make you indulged in business related to finance. Your family may also has the similar business and you will be taking that forward. It shows that you Love to possess family wealth and assets. When Mercury and Venus exchange their energy, you may get inclined to start a finance related business.

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2nd Lord in 1st house for Leo ascendant

For Leo sign Mercury rules 2nd and 11th house. 2nd house Virgo signifies details and analysis. It can make you an accountant or an analyst in business or marketing. You will have a very calculative and practical mind regarding your wealth. Leo is the sign of government. So you will be working as an account or will have the highest authority in government sector.

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Venus becomes the 2nd Lord for Aries and Virgo ascendant.

2nd Lord in 1st house for Aries ascendant

when Venus sits in 1st house in Aries sign It will ruled the 2nd and 7th house. It will make you blessed after your marriage. You will possess enormous wealth and enjoy the pleasure of life well after marriage. You will be able to marry your beloved one. You will be very famous and of the center of attraction in your circle. There is a chance of Gaining good amount of wealth through inheritance.

2nd Lord in 1st house for Virgo ascendant

For Virgo, Venus rules 2nd and 9th house. Here Venus is in debilitation. You may be careless about money and loses at an early age. But with maturity you will realize to be practical and cautious about your life. As you grow older, you will become money minded. You may have the tendency to criticize your relationship. So there is a chances of breakup in your married life. But if Venus is Vargottama in D9 you can expect a long lasting relation in your married life.

Jupiter becomes the 2nd Lord for Scorpio and Aquarius ascendant.

2nd Lord in 1st house for Scorpio ascendant

For Scorpio ascendant Jupiter rules the 2nd and 5th house. It indicates that you will gain high religious and moral values from your family. You will keep this lesion in mind all through the life. There is a chance for some short of transformation in your family life.

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2nd Lord in 1st house for Aquarius ascendant

For Aquarius ascendant Jupiter rules the 2nd and 11th house. It indicates your bright career in large organization in various fields related to finance. The spiritual values from family will help in moulding your identity. You will be regarded as highly wise in society.

Saturn becomes the 2nd Lord for Sagittarius and Capricorn ascendant.

2nd Lord in 1st house for Sagittarius ascendant

For Sagittarius ascendant when Saturn is in 1st house, it indicates that you will receive wealth and assets in life but only after putting sheer hard work. There may be delays in getting success. At an early age, Saturn can make you lazy and negligent about the things related to the house it is sittings. Because of your negligence and laziness you will not get desired result.

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For Capricorn ascendant when 2nd Lord Saturn is in 1st house, it will give you beneficial results. Saturn is strong in own sign Capricorn. So it is good for money and wealth. You will get the reward of your hard work.

The above mentioned results for each ascendant is a generic results and actual results can differ as per strength, conjunction, aspect, condition in other divisional chart etc. A planet debilitated in main chart gives beneficial result, if it is exalted in Navamsa. So we need to check the complete Horoscope to get a clear picture.



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