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Debraj Roy

Astro Life-Coaching

Life Coaching – Yes, We Guide and Help to Make your Life Smoother

The Journey Started from a thought. When one day a Person complained that in this age of internet all the online astrology Services are either too Costly or not Genuine. That is the day when we thought that we should Build a Platform for the common People who are looking for Genuine Astrological Help in an affordable Price.

With this Thought in mid, Vedicknowledge was Founded in the Year 2016. So far it has served more than Seven Thousand People.  Our Main Head Quarter is in Kolkata.  

We Understand How Difficult it is to Find a Reliable and Experienced Astrologer. That is the Main Reason We founded the Vedicknowledge. We Want that General People Should be benefited from this esteemed Science. 

All Our Astrologers are Extremely Experienced. All The Founding Members are not only well versed in Astrology but they also understand the Problem and difficulty of Modern Day Lifestyle.  That is why even in this Small Span of 3 years, we have been able to make good Reputation and Client base. 

Our Main Aim is 

  • Providing Genuine Service
  • Keeping the Price Affordable

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