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Ascendant Lord in 1st House-Most Detailed Analysis


1st Lord in 1st House

1st house or ascendant is yourself. The term ‘1st Lord in 1st House’ means the planet that rules over the 1st house or ascendant of your horoscope is occupying the same house or ascendant.

1st Lord which is also Known as Lagna Lord or Ascendant Lord is the Main Piller of our Horoscope. 1st Lord in 1st house or Lagna Lord in Lagna is a Highly Auspicious Position. This makes a Horoscope very Strong. Even if you do not have any other Strong Yoga but Ascendant Lord in Ascendant can take you to a great Height.

Before Going further in detail lets Understand what is the importance of 1st house or Lagna

Importance of 1st House or Ascendant

The first House of the horoscope is referred to as Lagna Bhava, Udayam and Tanu Bhava. Each of these names is appropriate according to their connotations.

At the time of birth, a particular Rashi rises on the eastern horizon. This Rashi represents the Lagna or Ascendant. Since Udayam means rising, this House therefore is also know as Udayam Lagna.

The first House corresponds to the beginning of life of the native. In fact the Lagna indicates the life of the native. The basic length of the life and whatever one will achieve in this life, has to be judged from the 1st House or Ascendant.

The Ascendant indicates the physical attributes of the native, therefore it is also called the Tanu Bhava. Tanu means the body. Since from the first House the natives physical appearance can be judged it is appropriate to call it, Tanu Bhava.

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The Lagna reveals the true self of the native, that is the inner self as well as personality. It indicates:

Physical appearance: the structure of the native, the bodily proportions, height, colour of hair, colour of skin, and the complexion. The Lagna, the Lagna Lord and the planets posited in it, would all determine the physical attributes of the native. It can also signify the way of our life. The Rashi of the Lagna has also a marked say in further delineating the person’s physique.

Strength of the ascendant or Lagnesh

Since the Ascendant is the most important Bhava of the horoscope, it is necessary that it should be strong to give the desired results.

For the Ascendant to be strong it should be aspected firstly by Benefics , its own lord or by Jupiter and Mercury. Secondly by poorna yoga karaka .Thirdly by Exalted planet .

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Importance of the Lagna Lord or Ascendant Lord

The role of the Lagna Lord cannot be undermined. It is the key to the native’s whole personality. Ascendant Lord will indicate the native’s personal nature, the amount of achievement one will get, from whatever is promised. It is important that the Lagna Lord be well placed and strong.

It is only then that it is capable to give to the native all the that the horoscope promises. This is applicable to the Lord of all the Houses but for the Lagna Lord in particular it is very essential, for the simple reason that it is Lagna Lord the Lord of the entires horoscope.

The effect of the Lagna Lord varies according to the position it has horoscope and the House it occupies. Therefore, it is always better to analyze the Lagna Lord from its position in the horoscope.

Ascendant Lord in Ascendant

Lagna Lord in the Lagna itself is a good position.

1st Lord in 1st house makes a person extraordinarily talented.  Endowed with a very enormous self-confidence, You would be a person who would like to rule rather than be ruled. Moreover, You will have a strong will power, a dignified stature, persevering nature and a fixed purpose in mind. You Will rise in life through own efforts. Since the Lagna Lord is in the Lagna, the inherent qualities of the planet will be more pronounced in You.

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If the lagna Lord is a malefic it will give ruthless tendencies to You. If it is a benefic then a soft cultured nature – even though born in an uncultured family, You will be cultured.

If malefic aspect the Lagna then it enhances the malefic nature of the native, but it is not bad for the native, personally. Benefic aspect on the other hand will minimize the ruthlessness.

Besides this, benefic aspects give a person an extraordinary long life. Malefic aspects on the other hand, although they give a long life, yet they also give an accident-prone life. There may be accidents or other things in life due to which one may have certain amount of mental depressions or physical deformities.

If the Lagna Lord in the Lagna is being conjoined with a Sixth Lord or aspected by the Sixth Lord then the person will have ill health.

With 1st Lord in 1st house you will be blessed and long life is assured. You will have extraordinary good individuality. You will not listen to others for advice, may even rebuke others and have a superiority complex. Ascendant Lord in Ascendant can make you an egoist and you will not like to be influenced by other under any circumstances.

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You will be having an eventful life and a very long span of career. You will be working throughout life. 1st Lord in 1st House makes a person extraordinarily talented but one with an indomitable ego . One will have enormous self-confidence and will like to rule rather than be ruled.

Ascendant Lord in Ascendant indicates extraordinary strength for the native. One will have perfect understanding with oneself and with one’s thinking, will always radiate success and energy to other, longevity is assured. One will be well-disposed and have a good character.

Lagna Lord in Lagna with other planets

1st Lord in 1st House associated or aspected by the Sun will give You good commanding powers. You will become a leader but will have very few friends.

1st Lord in 1st House associated or aspected by the Benefic Moon- You will have a pleasing personality, good memory and rise in life through self-exposure with outside world.

1st Lord in 1st House associated or aspected by the Mars will give the native good courage and self-respect. You will earn out of self-efforts and will make Yourself comfortable with Houses and conveyance.

If the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury or Jupiter are posited in the lagna or if Lagna is aspected by them, then You will be handsome in appearance.

1st Lord in 1st House associated or aspected by the Saturn or conjoined with Saturn indicates good longevity for native. One may maintain good health if Lagna Lord is connected or aspected by a benefic Saturn.

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If Saturn or Rahu are posited in the Lagna or aspecting it then the native will have a dark complexion.

Lagna Lord’s association with Trikona Lord (5-9) makes the native a blessed person, one who will have a long life. One will always associate himself with temples. Such native are Punya Atmas but their marital life will always be under tension. Conjugal happiness will not be there.

Now, we will see how the different ascendants leave impacts when being ruled by different planets as their lagna or house lord.

1st Lord in 1st house for Aries Ascendant

When you are born in Aries ascendant, the planet which sits in the 1st house is Mars. So, the planet Mars is the ruler here. So, Mars being the 1st lord in 1st house will give you restless energy. You will be very active and always wants your tasks to be done as soon as possible.

This placement can make you a person of head-strong. You can become a person with strong will. You will have enough courage to face problems head to head in the way of life and get command over them.

As the planet Mars does also rule the 8th house for Aries ascendant through the sign of Scorpio, it can bring sudden events and transformations as the part of your life. But you will have the guts to go through the tough time and achieve your goals successfully.

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Ascendant Lord in 1st house for Taurus Ascendant

Here the planet Venus is the ruler. So, when you are born in Taurus ascendant, Venus will be the ascendant lord. This placement can make you a person who is all about beauty, luxuries and conveniences throughout his life.

You look very beautiful and always want to look more beautiful. You will always be worried about your look and physique, whether it is perfect or not. As Taurus is the sign for wealth, assets etc. and Venus itself represents money, you will be very much fond of land, property, wealth and everything that can produce money.

You are almost always about leading a luxurious and lavish lifestyle to the fullest. For Taurus ascendant, the planet Venus also rules 6th house of diseases and hurdles. So, diseases related to Venus like Sugar and Kidney can make you suffer a lot. But Lagna lord here sits in the lagna itself. So, in spite of being suffered, you will get healed quickly.

Lagna Lord in 1st house for Gemini Ascendant

The ascendant lord that rules over the Gemini ascendant or lagna is the planet Mercury. With this placement, you can naturally have a very good communication power. You will be very popular among the people around you. You will be a person full of ideas, specially of business. You are fun-loving and always want to be with your friends.

For Gemini ascendant, Mercury also rules the 4th house for the sign of Virgo. It shows that you will be fond of your mother and always want to be like her.

1st Lord in 1st house for Cancer Ascendant

For the Cancer ascendant, Moon occupies the 1st house. When Moon is the ruler or the l agna lord, it can make you emotional and very much caring. In spite of your emotion, you will be able to maintain a balance as Moon is strong here in its own sign. Sometimes, your emotion can easily be hurt by other’s opinions. But that can not stop you from checking other’s point of view about you.

Ascendant Lord in 1st house for Leo Ascendant

A Leo ascendant chart is ruled by the king of planets Sun. If you are a Leo ascendant and Sun is your ascendant lord then, you will get progress in life with the help of authority. You will always want to be treated like a king or queen. You want to be appreciated. You will always want to be in limelight as a centre of attraction. But you may have to face clashes due to your ego.

But in spite of being highly egoistic, you will be able to work hard enough. That will bring fame specially during the Sun Mahadasha.

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Lagna Lord in 1st house for Virgo Ascendant

The ascendant for Virgo is ruled by Mercury. So, you may have the serious nature of the planet Mercury. Here, Mercury is not only in its own sign, but also becomes exalted. Mercury does also mean business. So, you will be highly analytical, critical and practical. You always want to be a perfectionist in all the fields.

Even in the matter of marriage, you will also look for your benefits. As Mercury also rules the 10th house for Virgo ascendant, it will make you focused very much on your career. With this placement, you can become a good manager.

1st Lord in 1st house for Libra Ascendant

If you are born in Libra ascendant and Venus is the ruler or the lagna lord then, you will be very serious about your relationship and simultaneously keeps a liking for beauty in you. Having a strong Venus, you will always desire for a luxurious life. But Venus again rules the 8th house through Taurus sign.

So, it can make you face certain events and transformation in the way of your life. But as Venus gains strength in its own sign, you will be able to get rid off those circumstances successfully.

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Lagna Lord in 1st house for Scorpio Ascendant

The planet Mars rules The ascendant of Scorpio. Mars becomes quite strong in Scorpio, but there is a difference between Aries-Mars and Scorpio-Mars. Scorpio-Mars will make you energetic but you will like to express your energy in a hidden way. That is why Scorpians can be very good detective, film director, secret service agents etc. you will feel very comfortable in working behind the scene.

Mars is also the ruler of 6th house as well. So, Mars being the 1st lord in 1st house will make you very combative and will not hesitate to fight whenever required.

Ascendant Lord in 1st house for Sagittarius Ascendant

If you are born in Sagittarius sign and the planet Jupiter sits in the 1st house then, you will be highly philosophical and religious. You want to guide people through your own wisdom and experience. As Jupiter also rules the 4th house for Sagittarius ascendant through its sign Pisces, your mother will have a huge impact on your life as well as personality. It also can give you wealth through the house of mother and home.

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1st Lord in 1st house for Capricorn Ascendant

Saturn rules the Capricorn ascendant by sitting in its 1st house. Here, you will attain everything in your life through hard work. You will be very much dedicated to your tasks. You have to put your best effort to achieve anything in the first half of your life. Saturn will bless you with more than your expectation.

Here, Saturn also rules the 2nd house of wealth. So, they both are ruled by Saturn. You can achieve a great amount of wealth and prosperity in your life.

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Lagna Lord in 1st house for Aquarius Ascendant

Saturn is also the ruler for Aquarius ascendant. Here, Saturn sits as the lagna lord and relaxes abit, but only for a bit, as it is the Mool trikon Sign of Saturn. With this placement, you are all about making things better for others, by implementing innovative ideas. You will gain through it that will make a difference to the world. As Saturn rules also the over the 12th house of foreign lands, isolated places, MNCs etc. you may be seen working in big corporation in foreign lands.

1st Lord in 1st house for Pisces Ascendant

Here, Jupiter is the Ascendant Lord that rules its sign Pisces and sits in Ascendant. When Jupiter sits in the 1st house for Pisces ascendant then, Jupiter takes shape of a spiritual planet. This placement will help you to be all about spirituality. You may have dealt with all the dogmas but found no peace in them. As Jupiter also rules the 10th house through Sagittarius sign, it can make you very much connected with spiritual field of work . In this case, father molds your personality. It will work as a real spiritual guide.



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