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Lagna Lord or Ascendant Lord in Seventh House


1st Lord in 7th house means your 1st Lord is placed in 7th house or 7th Bhava. 7th house is one of the important House of Zodiac. It deals with other People. 1st house is our own physical existence. So 1st Lord in 7th house will make you people oriented person.

When Ascendant Lord occupies the 7th house, it is known as the connection of Shiva and Shakti. Ascendant is our existence in this world and 7th house is the house of our partner or one who complements us. Shiva and Shakti complements each other. So presence of Ascendant or Lagna Lord in 7th house is a powerful placement.

What is the importance of 1st House

The first House of the horoscope is referred to as Lagna Bhava, At the time of birth, a particular Rashi rises on the eastern horizon. This Rashi represents the Lagna or Ascendant. The Ascendant indicates the physical attributes of the native. The Lagna reveals the true self of the native, that is the inner self as well as personality.

What is the Importance of 7th house

7th house Mainly indicates Marriage, Relationship, Partnership, Business, Travel etc. The Marriage and Relationship is the most important partnership in our Life. 7th house deals with all these things. It is also part of Kama trikona.

So all kinds of Materialistic gain and enjoyment comes under this house. But it is also known as Maraka House or something which can give Death. So it has impact on our health too. Lagna is start of Life and its opposite Seventh is the end of Life.

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Results of 1st Lord in Seventh House

According to Some ancient Vedic Astrology text, the Lagna Lord in the Seventh House show that the person will be a bachelor. This is because the Lagna Lord which represents the self of the native goes into the House of the spouse that is the Seventh House, You thinks that no one is good enough to be your companion.

Lagna Lord or 1st Lord in Seventh House can give an abnormal and excessive self love. That is why There is a likelihood of one remaining unmarried. Even after marriage You will prefer to stay alone or in seclusion. Thus You would not enjoy marital happiness and may not take up responsibility of a married life. This can also give Marriage within own family.

But the Results will change if the 7th house is occupied by some other planet too and aspected by any other planet.

Marriage is not promised when Rahu or Ketu is also present in the 7th house with 1st Lord.  In this combination the marital life will always be under tension. The married life will not be cordial or conjugal happiness will not be there.

From the 7th house Ascendant Lord will aspect the Ascendant which will make you very independent. So it will not be easy for you to make adjustment and compromise which are required in a Relationship.

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Seventh House also represents public appearance. When 1st Lord  is in the Seventh House, it can give you good public appearance. One’s public image would be extraordinarily good.

It is also the House of cooperation. You will have a long life and be devoted to the co-borns. With 1st Lord in 7th house you will be people oriented. You will think and care about peoples around you.

7th house is the house of travel like 3rd, 9th and 12th houses. When Lagna lord is placed in the 7th house, You will travel a lot in your Life.

Seventh House also indicates settlement in a foreign land. when 1st Lord occupies the 7th house, It also indicates that the person will prosper abroad and try to settle there. You will attain fame and ever lasting wealth in a foreign land.

Therefore, the Lagna Lord in the Seventh House connected with the Ninth Lord and Third Lord indicates that you will settle abroad. If this combination has the connection of the Twelfth Lord also, then you will definitely settle abroad and will attain good fame and money there.

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Since 7th house is the house of desires. placement of the Lagna lord in this house, put more than due emphasis to their fulfillment and they are said to leave many desires. It is often said that such natives will put lot of efforts in fulfilling the desires.

Lagna Lord in the Seventh House if connected to Mars and the Sun, and also with 10th Lord can make a person doctor. The person will be very obstinate and rise in life through self-efforts.

Lagna Lord in Seventh House along with the Moon, makes a person have mystic qualities. It would make a person lovable. Your thinking regarding life would be broad and one may not hold to conservative knowledge or entertain conservative opinion about other.

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If Seventh House is the debilitated sign for the Moon, associated with 1st Lord, you will be mental aberrations. Although the person may enjoy extraordinarily good public image as far as one’s physical appearance is concerned, yet, You will always have a mental vacuum and would never be able to reconcile to the situation.

In no case the Moon should be debilitated in the Seventh House. 1st Lord in Seventh House associated with the Moon and Mars will make a person extraordinarily powerful, physically very strong, vociferous. But you will not have larger number of friends due to Your critical analytical behavior.

You will have an extraordinarily good rise in professional life outside the land You are born and may attain fame and money there. A relationship between Ninth Lord and Third Lord with Seventh Lord would definitely be present when one goes abroad.

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1st Lord in 7th house with Mercury indicates that the person will became an artist or may become even vindictive, if Mercury is not well placed. A person may carry vehement feelings once humiliated by other. One will always remember the bad things that have happened in life rather than the good things.

Lagna Lord with Jupiter in the Seventh house  makes a person extraordinarily good, pious, good-looking and interested in Godly pursuit. You will be more devoted towards God.

1st Lord with Saturn in the Seventh House indicates that the person is extraordinarily gifted, a leader, a person who will become a Chairman or managing Director of any company. With sheer ability to work You will attain the highest status in life. But you may not marry.

But, if Saturn is placed in his own sign the native may marry a girl of own choice at a later stage of life not for the purpose of progeny but for companionship.

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Results of different Planet in 7th house being the Ascendant Lord

Now lets Discuss about the results of different planet placed in 7th house being the 1st Lord.

1st Lord Sun in Seventh House

Sun becomes the 1st Lord for Leo Ascendant. 7th house is Aquarius. Which is ruled by Saturn. Sun and Saturn both are enemy. So Sun is not comfortable in Aquarius. When Sun is placed in 7th house being the 1st Lord for Leo Ascendant, it will make you very egoistic and independent in nature. It is not a good placement for happy married life. There will be problem in your personal life. But it will give you good social status.

1st Lord Moon in 7th House

Moon becomes the 1st Lord for Cancer Ascendant. 7th house is Capricorn ruled by Saturn. Moon are Saturn enemy to each other. When Moon is in 7th house being the 1st Lord for Cancer Ascendant, it will give you Mixed married life. Generally, Moon in 7th house is considered very good for married life. But as Moon is not very comfortable in Capricorn. You can except a moderate married life.

Ascendant Lord Mars in 7th House

Mars becomes 1st Lord for Aries Ascendant and Scorpio Ascendant. 7th house for Aries Ascendant is Libra and for Scorpio Ascendant Taurus. When Mars occupies the 7th house Libra it will create some delay in marriage. But your relationship with your wife will be good. If Saturn is also connected with Mars it can give good benefit from your wife are business partnership.

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When Mars occupies the 7th house Taurus for Scorpio Ascendant, it is not a good placement for conjugal life. If there is any other malefic planets like Rahu, Saturn, Sun it can give divorce or separation with your partner as well.

Lagna Lord Mercury in 7th House

Mercury becomes the 1st Lord for Gemini Ascendant is Sagittarius and for Virgo Ascendant Pisces. For Gemini Ascendant when Mercury occupies the 7th house Sagittarius, it will give you youthful, energetic life partner. There is good chance that you will be married near to your place or with a person selected by your family. You will be happy in your marriage life. It is also a good position for business on comers.

Mercury becomes debilitated in Pisces when it occupies the 7th house for Virgo Ascendant. So it is not a good placement for Mercury. It will give you problem in your married life, business partnership etc.

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Ascendant Lord in Jupiter in Seventh House

Jupiter becomes the 1st Lord for Sagittarius and Pisces Ascendant. Gemini and Virgo becomes the 7th house.

Jupiter is comfortable in Gemini. Good married life is promised when Jupiter occupies the 7th house Gemini for Sagittarius Ascendant. Your spouse will be well educated and honest. It is also good placement for your education and career. Jupiter is also strong in Virgo Lot of traveling including foreign travel is indicated when Jupiter occupies the 7th house Virgo for Pisces Ascendant. If it is connected with 9th or 12th Lord foreign settlement is also possible. Your married life will be good.

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1st Lord Venus in 7th house 

Venus becomes the 1st Lord for Taurus and Libra Ascendant. Scorpio and Aries are the 7th house for Taurus and Libra respectively.

Venus in 7th house Scorpio will make very romantic and passionate about Love. It will be being relationship in your life but you may not be very happy in relationship. It is not good for Marriage life also but it will give you a charming personality which will attract other people easily.

Venus in Aries being the 1st Lord is not bad for relationship. It can give some delay is marriage but generally do not create any significant problem in married life.

1st Lord Saturn in 7th House 

Saturn becomes 1st Lord for Capricorn and Aquarius Ascendant. Cancer and Leo becomes the 7th house for Capricorn and Aquarius respectively.

Saturn is not very strong is Cancer. The placement of Saturn in the 7th house being the 1st Lord is not considered good for marriage and marred life. Let marriage is possible. It some cases it can give marriage within family relative or with person known to family and relative. This position can give some health issue to your mother.

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Saturn is not comfortable in Leo as well. When Saturn occupies the 7th house Leo being the 1st Lord it can give problem in your married life. Even sometime it can make you uninterested in marriage also. But this is a good position for Government job, Career in medicine etc.

I have given you some brief idea about what can happen when your 1st Lord goes to 7th house. If you have any doubt, feel free to comment below.



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