Career Prediction in D-10 Chart

Profession or Career is a very important part of our life. We all are very curious to know what we will do in our life. Astrology is very useful for Career prediction. Analyzing your Horoscope you can understand when you will get job or what kind of work is most suitable for you etc.

In Astrology 10th from ascendant indicated profession. So if you check your 10th house, planets in the 10th house and 10th Lord, you will get lot of information about your career.

In Astrology, there are 2 types of chart- Main birth chart or D-1 chart and divisional chart or purpose chart. Main birth chart has the information about every area of our life. You can know about marriage, career, education, health etc from main birth chart. But if you want to know minute detail about one particular area of life, you have to check the divisional chart or purpose chart. For career D-10 is the purpose chart.

What is a D10 chart?

D10 chart is a divisional chart from the name you can understand that the Rashi is divided into 10 parts. Dasamsa means Dasam Amsa or 10th division. When a Rashi is divided by 10 parts and the divisional chart prepared is called the Dasamsa chart.

D10 is a divisional chart, which is prepared for the main birth chart or D1 chart. Each part is of 3 degrees. So, basically it’s an extension of the 10th house or the 10th bhava. 10th house is a house of profession Karma bhava so, it is also called Karmamsa.

So, when we need to analyze the 10th house or 10th house related things in a finer way, in a minute way, we have to use this Dasamsa chart.

Now, we’ll discuss the things we get from the D10 chart.

From the D10 chart, we can get the information about our career and profession. How much successful we’ll be? Whether we’ll be successful or not. If we’ll, then when will it happen?

Which profession can give us success and what can be your probable profession. When can we get a job which is Government job Or Private job and will it be in foreign land Or Native land? All the queries Related to Career and Profession, Have the answers in D10 chart.

D1 chart and D10 chart, after analyzing these two charts, you will get a clear picture about your profession and professional life. The important events in our life, related to the materialistic world, are all related to the D10 and D9 chart. D9, D10 and D1 charts are the most important charts as on date, related to your materialistic gain, professional and financial success.

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The D10 chart indicates all kinds of work or karma that you will perform in this life. Karma does not mean the job you are doing. Suppose, you are a lawyer. So, you not only go to the court. You can be Associated with Politics, You can be Associated with Social work. Your work can benefit The Society. You can be Associated with A lot of activities Other than the Legal ones. All these are karma. All these information are in the D10 chart.

So, from a proper analysis Of D10 chart, Not only Your job or profession, But also the other things Can be predicted.

How to analyze Career from D10 chart

Let’s discuss what are the important houses in D10 chart.

At first The D10 Lagna or the 1st house. Then 2nd house, 6th house and 10th house. These Three houses are known as Artha Trikona. These houses will tell us that what we’ll do for earning and how. As D10 chart is related to Career. 2nd house, 6th house And 10th house are very important In D10, with the 1st house or the Lagna of D10.

Before I tell you how to analyze Career from D10 chart or the principles to analyse the D10 chart, let me tell you the importance of all the house of D-10 chart and their roles in Career prediction.

The 1st house Or Lagna of D10 chart shows our intention or willingness to perform Karmas. If the ascendant Lord becomes weak, then the Entire chart will be weak. Planets Position in The 1st house of D10 chart will influence our career or Professional life greatly. It will Shape the Career as per its significance.

The 2nd house is all about Communication, Family, and Resources etc. 2nd house also shows our ethics or the kind of work we perform. Suppose you have malefic planets like Rahu, Saturn in the 2nd house, then you can perform the kind of work which is not acceptable in the Society. But if you have Planets like Jupiter, Venus, then you do not perform any such work because you cannot do that. It will show the family support in profession, the people who support your career.

The 3rd house is all about Courage, Short travel, Change etc. Job transfer, Job change, Travel are known from the 3rd house. As 3rd house also indicates your writing skill, If 3rd house or 3rd Lord is well posited in D10 chart, or in Good combination with 10th house or 10th Lord. Then Profession related to Writing like Poet, Writers, Editors are also influenced.

The 4th house is Happiness. How happy you are for your work. 4th house represents your image in workplace. If your 4th house have Unafflicted and strong Moon, Jupiter, Venus, It’s very good for your image and Reputation In your work-place.

The 5th house in D10 chart represents our subordinates, Creative works, Intelligence. 6th house is the house of Job, Enemy, Obstacles, Suitable job and Challenges. If 6th house has malefic planets like Sun, Mars, Saturn, then it’s very good. It will help you to overcome the challenges and Difficulties.

The 7th house is the house of Business. If your 7th house is strong in D10 chart, or is connected with the 10th Lord, then it will take you to business. In D10 chart, a strong 7th house will give business and a strong 6th house will give a job. Many people are often seen to come in business after job. Their 6th and 7th house are equally strong. The 7th house is the 4th house from 4th. If 7th house has benefic planets, then it’s good for your reputation in your work-place, your travel etc.

The 8th house is the most Mysterious house. 8th house is the house of Suddenness, Delay, Obstacles and all sorts of Negative things. But we should remember that the 8th is the 11th from 10th house, 8th house in the D10 chart indicates the kind of delays, Transformation you are going to face. If it’s strong or Well-disposed, It can even give you sudden gain in professional life. 3rd house or 8th house also indicate a temporary break from your job or Career.

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The 9th house in D10 chart indicates your luck or Fortune, your boss or higher authority. If the Lagna Lord of D10 chart is placed in 9th house. Then Most of the time, they are self-employed and will not like to work under anyone.

Now, the most important house is the 10th house. According to the significance of the planets in D10 chart, you can have your profession or Karma. If the 10th house is empty, then the 10th Lord can give you Profession According to the house it places or the planet it is related with. 10th house in D10 chart will indicate the kind of success you will get in your professional life.

The 11th house is the house of Gain and social circle. Your professional success, financial gain, help from Social circle or friends, are indicated in the 11th house. The 12th house is the house of Loss. It also indicates foreign land.

If 12th Lord is in relation with 10th Lord in 10th house, 1st Lord of Lagna Lord, it can give you profession in foreign country and you will make good earning, financial gain through Foreign connection. So, these are the roles of 12th houses, little bit different from D1.

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How to know Profession or career From D10 chart.

To determine Profession from D10 chart, you have to follow 3 steps. First to check the sign in the 10th house. Second to check the planets in the 10th or 1st house in D10 chart. Third to check the placement and association of the 10th Lord with planets. After that, with permutation and combination, you can know your suitable profession.

As per your sign in 10th house, what will be your profession? If 10th house in D10 chart is Aries, then Professions like Police, Army, Administration, Engineering, Fire department will be good for you. If the 10th house is Taurus, then Professions like Banking, finance, any kind of Creative work, Pharmacy etc. If it’s Gemini, Writing, Teaching, Lawyer, editor, marketing etc. Will be suitable for you.

If the 10th house is Cancer, Professions like Nursing, Hotel management, Hospitality sector, Air hostess, and Human resource will be good. If it’s Leo, Administrative works like IAS, IPS, Doctor, and Chemist will be good. If it’s Virgo, Business, Accountancy, Any kind of Clerical work will be good. If it’s Libra, Modeling, Acting, singing, all sorts of creative work, and law, judge, Business will be good.

If it’s Scorpio, any kind of Research oriented work, Detective, Spy like in RAW, CBI, Medicine, surgeon, any kind of Occult subject like Astrology will be good. If it’s Sagittarius, Professions like Teaching, Lecturership, Law, Religious leader or priest will be good. Sometimes, you can go for business management. Sagittarius also indicates management.

If it’s Capricorn, Professions related to Agriculture, Manpower supply, Engineering, Law, Hardworking jobs will be good. If it’s Aquarius, It can make you, Scientist, Pilot. You can work in any MNC, Automobile sector. If it’s Pisces, you can be a very good Healer, Doctor, Social worker, Astrologer, Religious Guru. So, these are the result as per the sign.

Now, I’ll tell you the result as per the planets.

Let’s start With Sun. If Sun is in your 10th house or 10th Lord is with Sun, Professions like Administrator, IAS, and IPS, any kind of Government job or Leadership role will be good for you. Medicine, Politics, any kind of work related to Music will also be good.

If your 10th house Have Moon, Professions like Hotel management, Human resource, Nursing, Social activities, State govt. Job will be good. If there is Mars, Engineering, Police, Administration, Army, Navy will be good. If Mars is connected with Mercury, It can give you Profession related to Accountancy like Cost accountant, Chartered accountant will be good.

Mercury indicates Professions like Writer, Editor, Publisher, lawyer, Information technology, Journalist, Marketing executive etc. There is a difference between marketing and sales. Sales related works are mostly indicated by Moon. But marketing works are represented by Mercury. If there is Jupiter, Professions related to Lectureship, Teaching, and Religious Guru will be good. Any kind of Noble profession where the prestige is high is given by Jupiter.

If there is Venus, Professions like Modeling, Acting, Singing, dancing, Financial sector, Automobile sector, Graphic designing, Fashion designing will be good for you. If Venus is connected with Mars, The indication for Fashion designing and Graphic design will be more. If connected with Sun, Then It can take you to medical profession. If there is Saturn in your 10th house, Professions related to Business management, Judge, lawyer, Hardworking professions, mining field, Agriculture will be suitable for you.

Rahu Indicates professions like Photographer, Film producing, Mostly Film direction, Editing, Human resource etc. In acting, Rahu plays indirect role. Venus plays a major role. If Rahu has a connection with that, it will be good for Media, acting.

If there is Ketu, Professions related to Pharmacy, any kind of Research oriented work, Mathematics, Electronics or Computer will be good. If Ketu has a Combination with Venus, It can give Good profession in Consultation. If combined with Mars, Good for Pharma, Medical representative, Doctor etc. If combined with Jupiter, It’s very good for Being a Guru or teacher.

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Now, we’ll discuss the placement of 10th Lord in the houses In D10 chart.

After making Permutation and combination of these three, we’ll know the actual profession. If 10th Lord is in 1st house or in conjunction with 1st Lord, you will reach a very good height in your career by your own effort. It’s a very Good combination. You can get a high-ranking govt job. You cannot work under anyone for long. These people start their career with job, But Later They will go for their own business or Self-employment.

If 10th Lord is in the 2nd house, you will get your family’s support. Your communication skill, speaking ability will play an active role in your career. Professions like Sales, Marketing, and Teaching Can be chosen. If it is in 3rd house, you can change your job repeatedly, or in transferable job where the location can change. You can be in professions where you have to Travel a lot like Sales.

As 3rd house also indicates Courage, Physical labour, you can choose Hardworking job. 3rd house is all about writing. So, Professions like Writer, Editor, and Journalism etc. You can choose. 4th house is all about Education, Home land. If 10th Lord is in 4th house, you can have your career majorly at your home land or Native places. Professions related to Education, Study etc. Will be Suitable for you. Here, 10th Lord will aspect the 10th house. The possibility of getting success will increase. You have a leadership quality and Authoritative nature.

The 5th house is all about our intelligence, Creative skills Research oriented work, Lectureship, Technical work, Singing, Dancing, and acting will be suitable. But you may not get satisfaction from work or you can change your work. If 10th Lord is in 6th house, there is a Good possibility of starting your career with job. Service oriented work will be good for you. Medicine, Banking sector, Law, Judiciary will give you Good success.

10th Lord in 7th house is a good combination for starting your own business or self-employment. It’s a good combination for business and partnership. 10th Lord in 8th house can give you delay in getting Success. After lot of struggles. You can choose Professions like Research oriented work, Scientist, Medical profession, Detective, spy as your career.

10th Lord in 9th house is a very good Combination. It indicates Lot of success in professional life. 9th Lord indicates Guru, Higher wisdom. Professions like Teaching, Lectureship, and Professor in College or University, Research scholar, Religious Guru, Spiritual Guru will be suitable for you. Your father has a vital role in your professional growth.

The 10th Lord in the 10th house is one of the best positions. Any kind of work where you will be able to show Your Authority will be good for you. Business management, Politics, Administration Project management will be very good for you. You’ll have a natural Leadership qualities and abilities. If 10th Lord is in 11th house, Professions Related to Finance, Money, Social activities etc. Will be good. If 10th Lord is in 12th house, Professions like Medicine, Nursing, Charitable works, Social activities will be good for you. You can choose any of them.

So, these are the results of the placement of 10th Lord in 12th houses. We should also check the D1 chart, the planets in its 10th house. The planets having more influence will signify the profession. In some cases, I follow Jaimini also. In Jaimini astrology, Amatyakaraka planet is the main for profession. Position of the Amatyakaraka planet in D10 chart should also be studied. The sign, the planet need to be checked. The Dash you are going through is also plays an important role.

If Sun, Moon and Mars Have the most influence Cumulatively in D10 and D1 chart, and you are going through the Mahadasha of Sun, Professions Related to Sun will have more possibility to be chosen. Thus, we’ll be able to know the suitable career from the analysis of the D1 and D10 chart. To know Whether We’ll be successful or not, we need to choose most suitable profession. Study The D1 chart, Then Study the Navamsa.

We may not know all the skill sets in us. D9 chart will tell us our skill sets. Then Study the D10 chart. After that, you can choose your suitable profession. So, choose a suitable profession which can give you Success. If you choose the wrong one, you may have to face delay, problems to get the success.

Then, check the strength of 10th Lord of D1 chart In D9 chart and D10 chart. If 10th Lord is exalted in D1 chart and Debilitated in D10 chart, you cannot get that much success. There are some combinations in D10 chart that indicate Good success in professional life. 1st Lord and 10th Lord in mutual aspect, in conjunction, or 10th Lord in 1st house or 1st Lord in 10th house Indicates Good success in career.

If In D10 chart, 10th Lord and 9th Lord are in conjunction, Mutual aspect, or in sign exchange, it’s a good combination for professional success. 6th Lord and 10th Lord Combination is also very good. We also need to check the number of planets Exalted or in our own sign. The planets in Divisional chart exalted or in own sign are very strong.

If the D10 chart has 3 or 4 Strong planets, it will automatically makes the chart strong. 10th Lord in D1 chart should not go into the 12th or 8th house in D10 chart, or should not be with the enemy planet. 10th Lord in D10 chart should not be weak in D1 chart. If these are positive, you will get good growth and progress.

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The principles used in D1 chart, will also be used in D10 chart analysis. Neecha Bhanga Yoga, Sign exchange, mutual aspects, all are applicable in the same way in D10 chart. One more thing. If the planets in the Lagna of D10 chart are strong, you can get Good growth in their Mahadasha and Antardasha. If a planet is in the same sign in D10 chart as it is in D1 chart, it will be strong. If the sign is debilitated both in D1 and D10 chart, it will not be strong. This is how you can understand the chances to get Career growth or progress from D10 chart.


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