Lagna Lord in 9th House

Lagna Lord or Ascendant Lord in Ninth House

In Vedic Astrology 9th house gives us information about our fortune and luck. How much fortunate or lucky you are, can be known from analyzing...
Lagna Lord in 10th House

Lagna Lord – Ascendant Lord (1st Lord) in Tenth House

1st Lord in 10th house means- 1st Lord is placed in your 10th house. It is an important combination which must be studied in...
Career Prediction from Navamsa Chart

Career prediction in Astrology from Navamsa chart

Navamsa kundli is important not only for marriage, but also for career and profession. The position of the 10th Lord in Navamsa, and the...
Career Prediction in D-10 Chart

Career prediction from D-10 chart

Profession or Career is a very important part of our life. We all are very curious to know what we will do in our...
Ascendant Lord In 1st House

Ascendant Lord in 1st House-Most Detailed Analysis

1st Lord in 1st House 1st house or ascendant is yourself. The term ‘1st Lord in 1st House’ means the planet that rules over the...
2nd Lord In 3rd House

2nd Lord in 3rd House for all the Ascendants

2nd Lord in 3rd house is considered as a good placement for financial gain and wealth. Both 2nd house and 3rd house are very important for success in...
2nd Lord in 1st house

2nd Lord in 1st House(Lagna) for all Ascendant

2nd Lord in 1st house is considered to be very good. In Vedic Astrology 1st house and 2nd house, both are important house for...
1st Lord in 4th house

1st Lord or Ascendant Lord in 4th House

Ascendant lord in 4th house means when Ascendant Lord is placed in your 4th house of Horoscope. Ascendant Lord or 1st Lord is our...
1st Lord In 2nd House

1st Lord or Ascendant Lord in 2nd House

1st Lord in 2nd House creates a great Dhana Yoga or Wealth Giving Yoga. In today’s time, money and wealth is most important factor...