Navamsa chart prediction for marriage


Navamsa chart prediction for marriage is a important step to understand whether you will be happy or not in your married life. Marriage is very important in our life and we must judge our Horoscope in depth to understand about it.

According to our Vedic Astrology, Navamsa is one of the most important divisional charts and is given immense importance to make the predictions in our life. It is the main divisional chart for checking the marriage prospect. So, there is a deep connection between Navamsa and marriage.

Here, we will discuss about how to read Navamsa chart for marriage and married life. Whether it will be happy or not? How will be the relationship? So, if you want to know about your married life, you should read it till the end to get a primary idea about Navamsa reading for marriage.

Navamsa Kundali should always be checked with Rashi Chart. Navamsa is a divisional chart and a divisional chart can never indicate anything that is not in the Rashi Chart. If there is no affliction or problem regarding Marriage in the Rashi Chart and there is problem in the Navamsa, the problem will not occur.

But if the Navamsa Kundali has more problems and the Rashi Chart does also have afflictions that will create problem. So, Navamsa Kunadli can never give results independently. It should always be judged and checked along with Rashi Chart or D1 chart. But still, for Navamsa chart, marriage has the topmost priority.

 Navamsa(D9) reading for marriage

Navamsa Kundali is used to predict various events in our life. But the most important purpose of it is to make Navamsa chart prediction for marriage. That is why it also is called the ‘Purpose Chart’ for marriage.

Let’s discuss the process of Navamsa reading for marriage.

The two most important houses in Navamsa are the Lagna(Ascendant) and the 7th house.

The Lagna in Navamsa chart indicates your desire for Marriage.

The 7th house is the most important house for Marriage and Relationship. It will give you the information about marriage, married life and the marriage partner as well. So, it is a very important house for Navamsa and marriage.

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But before making Navamsa(D9) analysis for marriage predictions, we need to know about the houses that have the most important roles in Marriage.

Along with the Ascendant and the 7th house, some other important houses are the 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th house.

2nd house indicates your Family and Relatives.

4th house indicates your family happiness and 8th house stands for the longevity of your marriage.

Then comes the 6th house, the house responsible for separation, litigation and legal problems.

Among these houses, the 6th and the 8th house are the two negative houses. Whenever any of them is related with either 7th house and 7th lord or 4th house and 4th lord, they can create problems in your married life.

Planets to be checked during Navamsa reading for Marriage

Both the benefic and the malefic planets are equally important to make Navamsa chart prediction for marriage. So, let’s have some look at them.

The most harmful or malefic planets for your married life is Mars, Sun and Rahu. The two other malefic are Ketu and the Saturn.

Saturn and Ketu can delay your marriage. They can also create frictions in your married life. There can be misunderstandings and coldness in relationship. But that will not give separation or divorce if there are no other influences of other planets.

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But Mars, Sun and Rahu can give divorce and separation.

So, in case of Navamsa reading for marriage, you have to be very careful of those above mentioned factors.

Benefic planets like Jupiter, Moon, and Venus will give good results in the 7th house. They are benefic planets but their lordship is very important to be checked in Navamsa reading for marriage.

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If Jupiter is the 6th lord or the 8th lord  and is related with 7th house or 7th lord  or  the 4th house or 4th lord, then  it can give  problem in your marriage.

If a benefic planet like Jupiter become the 6th lord, and is placed in 7th house then it will create problem. But, Jupiter is a natural benefic planet. So, it will not break the marriage. Jupiter will give you room for adjustment. If you can adjust or can give effort, you can save the marriage.

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How to Read Navamsa(D9) chart for Marriage

Now, let’s see how these principles work to make Navamsa analysis for marriage predictions.

The 7th house signifies our marriage, married life, partnership etc. So, as Navamsa and marriage have a deep connection, it is very important to check the relation of 7th house with other houses, house lords and planets. It is must in Navamsa reading for marriage.

The relationship between 7th house or 7th lord with 8th lord or 6th lord is very bad for your Married Life. Here, the relationship means the placement of 7th lord in 8th house or 8th lord is in 7th house or, the conjunction of 7th lord and 8th lord or, their mutual aspect or sign exchange or the Nakshatra exchange.

When 7th lord is also be in the star of 8th lord then, problem can also arise. 7th house and 7th Lord plays a key role in Navamsa chart prediction for marriage.

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7th lord of Rashi chart should not be debilitated or afflicted by malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu, Ketu in Navamsa. The 7th lord or 7th house of D1 chart should not be related with 6th lord or 6th house. These combinations should not be present in D1 chart.

Similarly, in D9 chart, 7th house should not be occupied by malefic planets like Mars, Sun, and Rahu etc. 7th lord of Navamsa should not be connected with 6th lord of Navamsa or 8th lord of Navamsa.

The 4th house of Navamsa indicates the marital happiness. It should also be free from affliction. If, the 8th house of Navamsa has benefic planets like Jupiter, Moon or Venus, that will also help to keep your marriage sustained.

If, the 11th lord in Navamsa is placed in 7th house, then you will be able to resolve the differences. Your marriage will not break.

The lagna lord in Navamsa Kundli should not be debilitated or should not be conjunct with malefic.

If the 7th lord of Rashi chart is in auspicious Navamsa of benefic planets such as Sagittarius, Pisces, then it will be good for marriage.

Role of Venus in Navamsa analysis for Marriage Prediction

The significator for marriage and relationship is Venus. The position of Venus in Navamsa is also very important to make navamsa chart prediction for marriage.

If the Venus is in Scorpio Navamsa or in Gemini Navamsa, then it is generally not good for marriage.

Venus should not be afflicted by Ketu or should not be debilitated in Navamsa. Dual signs such as Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces, and Virgo, occupied by Venus in Navamsa are not considered good for relationship. Venus will increase the urge for love and romance. Due to that, problems in relationship may occur sometime.

Scorpio is a Karmik sign. In Scorpio, Venus will increase love, romance and passion. You never feel satisfied in the married relationship.  So, the position of Venus can create problem in relationship. Venus in Gemini, Scorpio or Pisces if afflicted by Mars or Rahu anyway, will be more problematic. So, the Venus should always be affliction-free in Navamsa Kundali.

If Rashi chart or D1 chart or D9 chart both have problem, then we can conclude that it will be difficult to sort that out. In these cases, if in the horoscope matching, one has problem but the other has not any, then the married life will be better to some extent.

Now, let’s check couple of chart to see how the principles work.

This is a chart of a girl. It is a Leo ascendant Kundali. The first thing we notice that the 7th lord Saturn is retrograde. We should remember that retrograde planets are very strong. But they are not very happy or quiet. Because retrogression means the unfulfilled Karma. 7th lord is retrograde here. The 2nd House has the affliction of Mars and Saturn. 8th house has exalted Venus. So, in the Rashi chart, problem regarding married life is present.

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Now, we will see if there is any affliction in Navamsa or not.

7th house in Navamsa is occupied by Ketu. The 6th lord of Navamsa, Mercury is in Lagna and it is aspecting the 7th house. So, the affliction is present in Navamsa also. Mars is 8th lord of Navamsa and is aspecting the 7th house of Navamsa.

So, the Rashi chart and Navamsa(D9) Kundali both have affliction. So, this girl is staying separated from her husband. But, because of the exalted Venus in her 8th house, divorce or separation has not happened yet.

Now, let’s check another Kundali.

It is an Aries ascendant Kundali of a male native. The most important thing in it is the presence of Ketu in 2nd house and Rahu in 8th house. So, the 2-8 axis for the family and relatives is afflicted by Rahu and Ketu. The 7th lord Venus is afflicted by Saturn. Venus is in the star of Rahu. Rahu is in 8th house.

So, the relation between 7th lord and 8th house is established. In the Navamsa also, the 7th house is occupied by Mars. Mars is the most malefic planet for conjugal happiness. 6th lord Venus is in Navamsa(D9) Lagna and it is aspecting the 7th house. This guy is also staying separated from his wife.

But, in Navamsa, the 7th lord Mercury is in 7th house. The lord of the Navamsa Lagna Jupiter is in its own house in Lagna. So, though they are separated but still, legal divorce has not occurred.

I hope, you have understood these two examples clearly. You have also got to know how the malefic planets or malefic influence work or how they can ruin our married life.

One more observation. If the 7th house is afflicted but 7th lord is not afflicted and in good dignity, it can save your married life.

For example, if Mars or Rahu is in Navamsa 7th house, but the 7th lord is in exaltation sign and free from all affliction, then your married life can be saved.

If 7th lord aspects the 7th house or in its trine then, the differences can be reduced to some extent. Similarly, if the 7th house is free from affliction and occupied by a benefic, but the 7th lord is afflicted, then problem can come but will be overcome later.

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If both the 7th house and 7th lord are afflicted, then problem will increase.

I have discussed the relationship between Navamsa and marriage. Hope, you have got a clear idea about Navamsa analysis for marriage predictions. If you have any doubts or confusion feel free to write.


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