Lagna Lord in 10th House

1st Lord in 10th house means- 1st Lord is placed in your 10th house. It is an important combination which must be studied in detail. 1st Lord is our physical existence. 10th Lord indicates our professional life. So when 1st Lord occupies 10th house, you become very focused towards Career.

Tenth House is a very important House in the horoscope. All the planets give good result in 10th house. Ascendant Lord is also one of the most important planet of the Horoscope. So Ascendant Lord in 10th house is considered highly auspicious. Ascendant Lord will directly influence your Career path.

1st Lord or Ascendant Lord is also known as Lagna Lord. With Lagna Lord in 10th house, you will rise in Career through your own effort.

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What is the importance of 10th house 

10th house Mainly indicates our Profession or Work, Government, Social Status or Prestige etc. What kind of Career we will choose, how much Success we will get, what kind of Social status we will get etc will depend on 10th house and 10th Lord.

What is the importance of 1st Lord

1st Lord indicates our physical Body, health and our own existence. Lagna is the point from where Life begins. It is one of the most Important house of the Rashi chart.

So When your 1st Lord is placed in 10th house, it indicates Your Life will revolve around your Karma or work.

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Effect of 1st Lord in 10th house

Lagna Lord in the Tenth House gets extraordinary strength if it is not debilitated or Afflicted. It makes a person who is naturally blessed, will have good qualities and will rise in life. It will make you a very good administrator. It indicates that you are a person who is born in this life to naturally enjoy the good deeds of the past Life.

Lagna Lord in the Tenth House is the strongest position in the Kendra. Since Tenth House represents Karma Sthana it can also mean that is you will give Work or profession maximum importance.

Mars or the Sun as Lagna Lord placed in the Tenth house makes one extraordinarily blessed character with very good qualities and born to enjoy the good qualities in life.

Lagna Lord in Tenth House indicates that the father would have benefited immensely after your birth. For this purpose the Lagna Lord should have aspect or connection with the Sun. If the Sun is himself the Lagna Lord and is posited in the Tenth House, You will be the only male child of the father. This also indicates that you will be engaged in your family traditional business.


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If Ascendant Lord is in 10th house, the native will be endowed with paternal happiness, royal honour, famous in his community and will doubtlessly have self-earned wealth.

10th house is also the house of fame. Placement of the Lagna in the 10th house can give undying fame to the native, provided there is other Good yoga on the 10th house. In addition to this combination, influence of Moon or Jupiter can increase the Possibilities.

10th house indicates the karma in this life. Placement of the Lagna lord in the 10th house makes the person dutiful and focuses the life of the native towards fulfilling his duty. If You are Working with government, You are recognized for the contribution to the state and people.

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10th house is the house of duties and activities. with 1st lord in 10th house, You rarely take any help and support from others, rather Achieve everything in life by own effort. Since You are bound to the duties and action, you are often successful in your endeavors. You will be known as a self made man.

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Now let’s discuss the effect of different planets in 10th House being the 1st Lord

Sun in the 10th house being 1st Lord:

Sun becomes the 1st Lord for Leo ascendant, 10th House is Taurus. Which is ruled by Venus. Sun and Venus are enemy. So Sun is not very comfortable in Taurus. But Sun gets directional strength in 10th house. This is a very good position for any kind of administrative work. It will give you very good leadership quality. You will be authoritative and honest in your work. This is the good placement for career progress.

Moon in the 10th house being 1st Lord:

Moon becomes 1st Lord for cancer ascendant. The 10th house is Aries. when Moon occupies the 10th house Aries for Cancer ascendant, it can make you fickle minded about career choice. You will change your job often. But this is a good position for getting government job. You can travel a lot due to your work.

Mars in the 10th house being 1st Lord:

Mars becomes the Lagna Lord for Aries and Scorpio ascendant. For Aries ascendant 10th house is Capricorn and for Scorpio ascendant 10th House is Leo. Mars gets directional strength in 10th house. So Mars in 10th house is a good placement. When Mars occupies the 10th house Capricorn being the 1st Lord for Aries Lagna, it will give you high position and authority in work. Mars also becomes extra strong. It will give you very good progress in career. Engineer, Police Army etc will be good profession for you.

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When Mars occupies 10th house Leo, it will also give you good progress in career. Mars is very strong in Leo. This will give success in Medical, Administrative, any kind of government job etc.

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Mercury in the 10th house being 1st Lord:

Mercury becomes 1st Lord for Gemini and Virgo Lagna. For Gemini ascendant 10th house is Pisces and for Virgo ascendant 10th house is Gemini. When Mercury occupies 10th house Pisces for Gemini ascendant, it will bring lot of problem and difficulty in your career. Mercury becomes debilitated in Pisces. So this is not a good placement for your career. It will also give you health issue and travel.

When Mercury occupies 10th house Gemini for Virgo ascendant it will give status, position and success in career. This is an ideal placement for becoming a Lawyer, Journalist Lecturer etc.

Jupiter in the 10th house being 1st Lord:

Jupiter becomes the 1st Lord for Sagittarius and Pisces ascendant. 10th house for Sagittarius ascendant is Virgo and for Pisces ascendant Sagittarius. When Jupiter occupies the 10th house Virgo for Sagittarius ascendant, it will make you honest and sincerely in your work. This is a good placement for becoming Teacher, Banking, Lawyer etc.

When Jupiter is placed in 10th house Sagittarius for Pisces ascendant it will give you extremely beneficial result. Jupiter is very strong in Sagittarius. It will give you very good status and position in life.

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Venus in the 10th house being 1st Lord:

Venus becomes 1st Lord for Libra and Taurus ascendant 10th house for Taurus is Aquarius. Venus is not very strong in Cancer but it is quite strong in Aquarius. So when Venus occupies 10th house Cancer it will give you success in career after Sun struggle and difficulty. You have to give lot of hard work.

But Venus in 10th house Aquarius for Taurus ascendant will give good progress and growth in career. This is the good placement for personal life.

Saturn in the 10th house being 1st Lord:

Saturn becomes the 1st Lord for Capricorn and Aquarius ascendant. Libra and Scorpio are the 10th house for Capricorn and Aquarius respectively. Saturn become exalted when it occupies the 10th house Libra for Capricorn ascendant. So, this is the very good position for your career and professional life. It can make you big businessman, Judge, Political leader etc.

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When Saturn occupies the 10th house Scorpio for Aquarius ascendant it can make you good Engineer, Doctor, Management consultant etc.

I have given some general information about the results of Ascendant Lord in 10th house. But the Actual Result will change depending on conjunction, aspect, placement in other divisional chart etc. But in general we can Say that this is a Good position in Birth chart.

If you have any query or doubt, feel free to comment below.


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