Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage in Horoscope


Love marriage or Arrange Marriage? This is a burning question in the mind of all young people. But we often see that people face disappointment and breakups in Love. So in spite of being in a relationship with someone, they end up marring a different person.

Not all the affairs end up in marriage. If your Kundali is good for love and romance, it can bring romantic relationship in your life. But if your chart does not have strong Yoga for Love marriage, the relationship may not convert into marriage.

We’ll talk about Love marriage. which Yoga’s in kundli can create chances of love marriage. Which Yogas can bring love, romance in your life? Whether the relationship or affair you have will convert into marriage or not. Most importantly, with the person you are in relationship, will be the same to be married?

Your kundli may have love marriage, but whether you’ll marry your loved one or marry any other person after the breakup. These are the things we are going to discuss about.

In our life, marriage relationship is very important. We get some relationships by birth such as parents, sister, and brother. But we make some relations by ourselves, in which relationship with lover, relationship with our wife, relationship with friends etc are some important relationships.  In present days these things have become complicated. The problem in relationship has increased.

So, for that if we analyze our kundli and check whether we’ll have to do something for our relationship or not, then our problems and difficulties can decrease. I have seen in my life many such cases where the 7-8 year old relationships fails and converts into breakups. And the boy or the girl goes for arranged marriage.

I’ve also seen such cases where the girl or the boy says that they don’t have any love affair and their parents are seeking for their marriage partner. But suddenly, half or a year later they enter in a relationship and that relationship converts into marriage. If your kundli has yoga for love marriage, and the appropriate dasha and transit are supporting you, then you can almost consider that you will have love marriage.

Important houses of Love Marriage

In our kundli the most important house for love is 5th house. 5th house indicates love affection, romance. All the soft and sensitive emotions are related to the 5th house. 5th house and 5th Lord is very important for love marriage.

Second important house is 7th house. 7th house is the house of relationship. It is the house of partner. It is the house of marriage so, in any kind of relationship there is an important role of 7th house.

3rd house is courage. 3rd house is initiative. so, for love marriage, it needs some courage because our parents may often not be agreed and we have to convince them. So, 3rd house has a role in it.

Then 11th house 11th house is all about success. So, for success in anything the influence of 11th house is very important. To be successful in love you need the support of 11th house. 3rd, 7th and 11th these three houses are therefore called Kama Trikona.

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It means the things or luxury what we enjoy in life are connected to the 3rd, 7th and 11th house. 2nd, 6th and 10th will provide you money and resources. By using those resources you will enjoy life through 3rd, 7th and 11th house. So, 3rd, 7th and 11th house and with those the 5th house and 8th house should also be checked. Because 8th house is our sexual life, 8th house is sustenance of the relationship. 8th house is also about secrecy. So, we must include the 8th house at that time of secret love affairs.

3rd, 7th, 11th, 5th, 8th more or less, these houses and their Lords should be checked in kundli. After checking the position and combination we will be able to have an idea.

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Planets responsible for Love Marriage

Let’s talk about the planets responsible for it.

When we talk about love marriage, the planet that comes first is the planet Venus. It is the natural significator of relationship. Without Venus no relationship is possible. So, the most important planet is Venus. In a man’s chart Venus also signifies wife. Venus is the female energy.

The second planet is Mars is the male energy. In Bhrigu Nadi astrology Mars is considered the significator for husband. In traditional astrology, Mars and Jupiter are considered the significator for boyfriend and husband respectively.

Mars has a big role to play. Venus is union, Mars is desire. Mars wants to unite with Venus. We will discuss Mars-Venus conjunction and will tell some interesting thing in that.

3rd important planet is Rahu Because Rahu is endless desire. His desire is never be fulfilled. Rahu doesn’t follow traditions. So, when the Vedic system and scriptures were written, then love marriage was not well-accepted in the society. So, love marriage is something which goes against the tradition or custom of the society. Rahu always go against the normal rules of society.

With Mars, Venus and Rahu, there is Moon. It is the significator of mind without which love would not be possible. So, the Moon must also be checked. Without its involvement love is not possible. The two other planets are Mercury and Saturn, Mercury indicates friendship it doesn’t have any direct role it plays an indirect role.

Saturn is also like Rahu going against the society. Saturn is Mleccha karaka means lower caste.  Saturn does the same as Rahu does but slightly less than Rahu.

So, these are major planets which govern whether you will have love marriage or not after houses and planets.

Important Zodiac sign for Love Marriage

Now we’ll discuss about signs.

Zodiac signs also have a great influence. Mars-Venus conjunction gives different result in Aries and it will give different result in Capricorn and Cancer.  So, zodiac signs also play a kind of role in it.

For love marriage generally the watery signs Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio are very important. Because watery signs are emotional signs. when the combination of love marriage happens in the watery signs, it enhances and increases the possibilities. With that Libra and Gemini these two are also important signs.  Libra is the 7th house of natural zodiac Gemini is the 3rd house of natural zodiac that’s why they are so important.

So, Aries, Libra, Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio and Gemini are the signs. If the combinations are created in these signs then that increases the possibilities. So, these are the important houses that we have to check to make analysis of love marriage.

The combinations of Love Marriage

What are the combinations that will make the yoga for love marriage.

We have discussed on important houses, planets and zodiac signs. Which are the important houses, the important planets and the signs that will play an important role at the time of love marriage.

Now, I’ll tell you the combinations.

  • 5th house and the 7th house should be associated, should be inter-related. Either 5th Lord is in 7th house, or 7th Lord is in 5th house, 5th Lord and 7th Lord are conjunct in same sign, or 5th Lord and 7th Lord is in mutual aspect. 5th Lord is in the star of 7th Lord, or 7th Lord is in the star of 5th Lord, 5th Lord and 7th Lord is involved in Nakshatra exchange. If, any of these combinations is there, then it’s a good combination for love marriage.

Suppose your Kundli doesn’t have any of these. But, the 5th Lord and 7th Lord is conjunct in the same Navamsa sign.  For example, you are Aries ascendant your 5th Lord is Sun and 7th Lord is Venus. There is no connection between 5th and 7th Lord in your Rashi chart. But if, 5th Lord Sun and 7th Lord Venus are together in Cancer sign in your Navamsa Kundli, then, you can also consider it as an association or relationship.

  • 5th Lord is in 1st house or, 1st Lord is in 5th house, 1st Lord is in 7th house or, 7th Lord is in 1st house. These will also indicate that you will choose your partner.
  • 5th Lord and 11th Lord conjunction, mutual aspect, or 5th Lord is in 11th house or 11th Lord is in 5th house.
  • The relation between 11th Lord and 3rd Lord. 11th Lord is in 3rd house, 3rd Lord is in 11th house, sign exchange between 11th Lord and 3rd Lord, 11th Lord is in the Nakshatra of 3rd Lord or 3rd Lord is in the Nakshatra of 11th Lord. If, any of these are present, that is also a positive sign for love marriage.
  • Relationship between 3rd and 7th house.3rd Lord in 7th house, 7th Lord in 3rd house, exchange between 3rd and 7th Lord, are also some good sign.

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It is not that all the combinations that I’ve said will definitely be present in your chart. But, the more they are present in number, the more will be the probability or possibility.

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Planets in the 5th house

If, your 7th house or 5th house has the planets like Venus, Moon and Rahu, then that also increases the possibility of love marriage.

If Venus is in 5th house, or, there is Moon or Jupiter in it, either in single, or in conjunction, then it is very good for love relation. It will also make you sensitive and creative, and it can give you a problem-free romantic life.

If, Sun is in 5th house, then ego can cause the creation of problem in relationship. We analyze personality and ego from the Sun. If 5th house has Mercury, it will make you very friendly. You can make friends quite easily.

If there is Ketu in your 5th house, it is not good. Ketu is all about secrecy. So, it can give secret affair or, you will keep your secret hidden for a long time. People will come to know long after that you are actually having a relationship with someone.

Rahu will give relationship but some time, it will also give heart-break. So, the relationship may come, but sometimes, it can create problems in your love life.

Saturn is not considered good in 5th house. Mars is good in 5th house, but it can make you quite aggressive.

The conjunction of Mars and Venus, if present in 3rd house, 5th house, 7th house, 11th house, 8th house, or in signs such as Scorpio, Libra or Pisces, then it’s a very strong yoga for love marriage.  Also do note, Among Mars and Venus, who has the highest degree and who has the lowest? If there is conjunction in a sign, according to their degree a planet sits ahead of the other one. So, if Venus is ahead and Mars is after him, then Mars is moving towards Venus. The raw power and energy, desire is going towards Venus, the union. So, the force and passion will be more.

If there is Mars ahead of Venus, then it will have less force and passion, but have more sophistication. You will love to go for candlelight dinner, watching movie with your loved one, outing, enjoying food in restaurants etc. The raw energy is less here in Mars. If, with the conjunction of Mars and Venus, the conjunction of Rahu also happened, then it again enhances the possibility of Love marriage.

Even if, there is no conjunction, and Mars, Venus and Rahu are in mutual trine or in 5-9 relation, then the rule is also applicable. If, with the conjunction and trine of Mars and Venus, the energy of Rahu joins, then it increases the possibility of love marriage.

If Saturn will also involve in it, by aspect or conjunction, or Saturn is also in trine, then it will increase the passion within us. It is often seen to marry against the family or elope from home with these combinations.

If with these combinations, Sun or Jupiter is somehow involved, then in that case, the result will be in some control. You will make your parents convinced and make them agreed to your marriage. Because Jupiter and Sun, these two planets create a fear within you. Fear in the sense, fear of your image, fear to lose your prestige. You will always be very conscious about your prestige. If, with these combinations, Jupiter and Sun is linked, then it will become much controlled.

Another important combination is that of Venus, Moon and Mercury. If the combination of Venus and Mercury is there in your chart, then it will make you very friendly. If, Moon is also with them, then it also indicates relationship, romance in your life.

The result is often depends on the condition of Moon and Venus. If the condition of Moon and Venus is good, like Venus and Moon is in Libra or Their combination is in Taurus, where Moon is exalted and Venus is in own sign, or in Cancer sign, where Moon is in own sign with a comfortable Venus, in these signs, it is good. But if, this combination is in signs like Scorpio, where Moon becomes debilitated then, Venus-Moon-Mercury in Scorpio signs can give you unhappiness in relationship. You can face cheating or can be cheated in relationship. You can face disappointment in relationship.

If, with this, Mars somehow has the influence on Venus-Mercury-Moon with its aspect or in conjunction, or in trine with them, that also increases the chances or possibilities of Love Marriage. If, Rahu is there in conjunction with them, or in trine, then it can give you relationship with some other cast, or some other community. Relationship with foreigner, or anybody from a different community is possible in your life.

Love Marriage combinations in Navamsa

Now, we have to check the position of these combinations in Navamsa.

If, the conjunction of Venus and Rahu is present in the Rashi chart, or present in Navamsa also, then the yoga in your chart will become very much strong, because Navamsa is the divisional chart for marriage and relationship. So, if the indications in Rashi chart repeat in Navamsa,   then   it increases the possibility to make the yoga strong for love marriage.

Now, I want to tell you one more thing that the involvement of 6th house. It is not considered good because 6th house is the house of separation. So, if the 6th Lord or 6th house is somehow involved with these combinations, then it can give break in relationship. 6th house and 6th Lord has an important role in it.

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There is another concept and that is of Upapada Lagna. In Jaimini astrology, Upapada Lagna or the 12th house of Arudhapada is a significator of marriage and marriage partner. Arudhapada of 7th house is the significator of friendship, and the Arudha Lagna is your own image. So, if Arudha Lagna in your chart and Upapada Lagna are in conjunction, then it can give you love marriage.

If, Upapada Lagna and Arudhapada of 7th house are also conjunct, then also, it is good. If Arudha Lagna and Arudhapada of 7th house are conjunct, it is also good. The conjunction of Upapada Lagna and the Arudhapada of 5th house is also considered a favorable combination for Love marriage.

Now, the beauty of Vedic astrology is that when you look into any chart, if you notice the presence of Rahu-Mars-Venus conjunction in 5th house, 7th house or in 3rd house, then you will see most of the time that the chart has the conjunction of Arudha Lagna and Upapada lagna or Upapada Lagna and Arudhapada 5th house is conjunct.

It means that when in traditional astrology, some combinations are present in chart, are also complemented by Jaimini method. It is not that Jaimini method is present but Parasara method will not. If, Upapada Lagna and the Arudhapada of 6th house, or Arudhapada of 8th house is conjunct, it can give you breakup in relationship.

So, if you analyze 5th house, 5th Lord, 7th house, 7th Lord, 11th house and 3rd house with the position of Venus, Mars, Rahu, Mercury, Moon in your chart, then you will have the idea that whether your chart has the yoga of love marriage or arranged marriage.

Timing of Love and Relationship

Now, another interesting thing to discuss.

The relationship you are in, will convert into marriage or not? How to know that?

For that, the first we should do is to check whether there yoga for love marriage in both the kundli of the boy and the girl. If they both have the yoga for love marriage, then check whether the 5th Lord or 5th house in one’s chart is somehow related to the 7th house and 7th Lord in the other chart. Are same planets present in both of their 5th house? Is the 5th Lord in one’s chart related to the 1st house or 1st Lord of the other? If the 7th Lord of one’s chart is related with 7th house or 1st house of the other? If yes, then you can consider that the relationship you have, will convert into marriage, or will have more possibilities to be converted.

KP method does also have a combination and formula in it. The formula of Krishnamurthy ji is that if the sub Lord of the 5th house in a kundli is related with the sub Lord of the 7th house of the other person, then the chances of love marriage will increase very much.

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So, we have discussed about the combinations of love marriage, whether your relationship will convert into love marriage or not?

Now, I’ll tell you the exact time for love to come in your life. We need to analyze the Vimsottari dasha and transit for that. First, love can happen in the dasha of 3rd Lord, 7th Lord, 11th Lord and 5th Lord. Rahu-Venus or period like Venus-Moon even if doesn’t signify these houses, then also love can happen. With that, when Jupiter is transiting over your 5th house, then also love and romance can come in your life.

So, if dasha and transit both will support together, then the possibility is very high. So, always check the dashaand transit. If, the 5th house and 7th house and its Lords are running their dashas, and Jupiter is transiting over the 5th or 7th house, or aspects the transit, then relationship may come in your life.


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