Navamsha Report

Navamsha is a very important Divisional Chart which has been given equal weight age to your birth chart. Get our details and comprehensive report on your Navamsha Chart.

This Consultation will give you Below information about navamsha.

** Strength of each planet in Navamsha. **
** Marriage Partner details from Navamsha Chart. **
** Wealth and financial condition through Navamsa. **
** Ishta Devata from Navamsha. **
** Married life from Navamsa Chart. **
** Career and Professional Life through Navamsha. **
** Spiritual progress through Navamsha. **

Consultation charge – Rs 2000 or 50$

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Payments from Outside India:

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* In case you are going through any kind of Marital Problem, Please clearly mention that while sending the Mail.

*** We are receiving high no of consultation request at present. So reports will take more time than normal. You will get the reports within 10 to 12 days after your booking.

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