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1st Lord or Ascendant Lord in 4th House


Ascendant lord in 4th house means when Ascendant Lord is placed in your 4th house of Horoscope. Ascendant Lord or 1st Lord is our physical existence. 4th house is our own family and mind. So when Ascendant Lord is related with 4th house, it is the connection of our body and mind.

1st Lord is one of the most important planet in our Horoscope as it signifies both Kendra and Trikona house. 4th house is another Kendra house in Horoscope. So when 1st Lord is placed in 4th house it creates a highly auspicious Raj Yoga which brings success and prosperity in life.

If you do not understand what is Kendra and Trikona, i will explain it below for your understanding.

1st house, 4th house, 7th house, 10th house are known as Kendra house in Horoscope. These are considered as Piller of Your Horoscope. 1st house, 5th house and 9th house is considered as Trikona of your Horoscope. The Kendra houses provides strength to your chart and Trikona houses gives luck or fortune. 1st house is both Kendra and Trikona. So it provides strength and luck both.

Generally it is considered a good placement but the actual result will depend on the strength of 1st Lord, sign, conjunction etc.

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What is 1st house ?

The first House of the horoscope is referred to as Lagna Bhava or Udayam or Tanu Bhava. Each of these names is appropriate according to their connotations.

At the time of birth, a particular Rashi rises on the eastern horizon. This Rashi represents the Lagna or Ascendant. Since Udayam means rising, this House therefore is also know as Udayam Lagna.

The Ascendant indicates the physical attributes of the native, therefore it is also called the Tanu Bhava. Tanu means the body. Since from the first House the natives physical appearance can be judged it is appropriate to call it, Tanu Bhava.

The first House corresponds to the beginning of life of the native. In fact the Lagna indicates the life of the native. The basic length of the life and whatever one will achieve in this life, has to be judged from the 1st House or Ascendant.The Lagna reveals the true self of the native, that is the inner self as well as personality.

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What is 4th house ?

4th house indicates our family and family happiness. It also indicates basic Education, Mother, Homeland etc. 4th house is a Kendra House. It also tells about our friends and companions. So strong Kendra house supports our growth and progress in life.

1st  Lord in 4th House

1st Lord in 4th House is a very good placement. 1st Lord is also known as Lagna Lord or ascendant Lord. 1st House is one of the most important House of  our horoscope. 4th House being a kendra House is also an important House of our Horoscope. So when two important Houses are associated with each other, it generally gives auspicious result.

Now lets discuss about the effect of 1st Lord in 4th House

Lagna Lord in the Fourth House will give a person outstanding comforts in life. It signifies good relation with mother if the Lagna Lord in the Fourth House is not debilitated or associated with malefic planet.

Fourth House is the house for happiness, and as the Lagna Lord is the significator for our own self, A person having Lagna Lord in the Fourth House will enjoy the materialistic pleasures and happiness of this world.

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It also indicates a person who is extraordinarily blessed, born to enjoy luxuries and comforts of life. With this placement you can be one of the luckiest persons in family. After the birth of you, the House will experience an extraordinary rise. You will bring enormous  wealth into the family.

You will enjoy the services from servants and conveyance as well as will have a large amount of immovable property.

You may born rich and can have the qualities of a noble man with ministerial qualities.

The Fourth House is also known as the house of throne. Therefore a person who has the ascendant Lord in the Fourth House will be a born leader. You may govern or be in the government in some capacity. So, this placement can make you associated with the government.

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If the Lagna Lord in the Fourth House is well placed, then native will be born with a sharp and intelligent mind. This position itself is very good as the Fourth House also represents your education.

If Lagna Lord in the Fourth House is connected with an Exalted planet, you will have good relationship with the parents.

Ascendant Lord in the Fourth House also promises materialistic happiness from your mother, as it is the Tenth Lord from the Fourth House coming into the Fourth House. This does also mean that the native will be getting happiness from mother’s profession, earnings and fame.

If the Lagna Lord is debilitated or not well placed, you will not get the desired happiness from mother. If there is a combination with Mars, you will have enmity and there would be constant arguments between two of them.

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If the Moon is placed in the Fourth House conjoined or associated with the Lagna Lord, you may not enjoy a good relationship with mother. when the ascendant Lord in Fourth House is related to the exalted Moon then the situation is different and it indicates good relationship between you and your mother. Besides this you can  also get property from the mother’s side.

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With 1st Lord in Fourth House, one will have a good home. If it is connected with Mars, you will have a lot of landed property. But if Lagna or the ascendant lord and Mars are placed together in the Fourth House Afflicted by any Malefic, you may also have to face problems regarding lands.

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The Sun in the Fourth House is very weak. Even if he is exalted, he is still not considered to be a strong position. If the Lagna Lord is in 4th house with Sun in inimical sign, father’s longevity will be under question.

Lagna Lord connected with Mercury in the Fourth House is good as you will be extraordinarily intelligent. One will do research or research associated works. If not then one may become a good chemist or be involve in chemical associated work in life. The main inclination in life will always be towards studies, for understanding  of worldly things.

Lagna Lord in Fourth House connected with Jupiter makes the native interested in scriptures etc and devote his life to gain knowledge about God.

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Lagna Lord with Venus in the Fourth House makes a person enjoy a luxurious life. One will be extraordinarily showy and have a good House. One will like dressing up.

If the Lagna Lord is with Saturn in the Fourth House, you will born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth and in family where one will enjoy all the materialistic happiness and comfort, one will have servants at one’s beck and a number of conveyances.

Now we will discuss about the effect of 1st Lord in 4th House for each and every ascendant

1st Lord in 4th house for Aries Ascendant: For Aries ascendant Mars in the first Lord and cancer in the 4th sign. Mars become debilitated in cancer. So this placement of first Lord in 4th House for Aries Lagna is not good. You Lagna Lord becomes debilitated and weak. So it can give you problem with your mother or any motherly figure.

It is also not good for your physical vitality. It will make you less energetic. Mars also rules your Eighth House. This placement can give you problem, regarding inheritance. It is also not good for family happiness and married life.

Affliction by malefic planet will increase the negative result and influence of benefic planets will reduce  the negative result and increase the good result.

1st Lord in 4th house for Taurus Ascendant: For Taurus ascendant Venus is the 1st Lord and Leo is the 4th House. Leo is ruled by Sun. Venus and Sun is enemy to each other. So Venus do not feel comfortable here. It is a good placement for education, public image etc it can give you creative skills provided there are other helpful combination present in the chart.

But as Venus also rules 6th House it is not good for your mother. Either the relationship with mother will suffer or the health of mother will suffer. This placement of Venus will give you a tendency to keep your home beautiful and clean.

Affliction by malefic planet will increase the negative result and influence of benefic planets will reduce  the negative result and increase the good result.

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1st Lord in 4th house for Gemini Ascendant: For Gemini ascendant Mercury is the 1st Lord and Virgo is the 4th House. Both Gemini and Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Even Mercury become exalted in Virgo. But when Mercury being the 1st Lord occupies 4th House, it creates  Kendrathipati Dosha. Due to this, your relationship with your mother may suffer to some extent.

Even you can face problem and difficulty related to landed property as well. But this is a good position for education.

Conjunction and aspect of other planet will change or modify the results.

1st Lord in 4th house for Cancer Ascendant: For cancer ascendant Moon is the 1st House Lord or ascendant Lord. 4th House is Libra which is ruled by Venus. Moon is quite comfortable in Libra. You will get lot of support and help from your mother. It is also a good placement for your education.

But it can give you lot of traveling and you may change your residence few time in your life. But lot will depend on the condition of Venus and other planets aspecting or in conjunction with Moon.

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1st Lord in 4th house for Leo Ascendant: Sun is the 1st Lord for Leo sign. Scorpio is the 4th House for Leo ascendant. Scorpio is ruled by Mars. Though Sun and Mars is friendly but Scorpio is a watery sign. Sun is a fiery planet.

So Sun is not very strong in Scorpio. This placement of Sun can give you strict mother. It is also not a very favorable position for government job. If Mars is also weak, it can give you problem in education and also in property related matters.

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1st Lord in 4th house for Virgo Ascendant: Mercury is the 1st House Lord for Virgo ascendant. Sagittarius is the 4th sign for Virgo ascendant. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Mercury in the 4th House in a Jupiterian sign is very good for education. If this Mercury is influence by Mars in any way it will give you extremely good ability to debate and argue.

As Mercury is also 10th Lord for Virgo ascendant this position is also good for career. But due to ownership of two Kendra Houses, Kendrathipati Dosha occurs. So sum time it will create misunderstanding with your mother or enmity in workplace.

Aspect and conjunction of other planets will modify the result.

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1st Lord in 4th house for Libra Ascendant: Venus is the 1st House Lord for Libra ascendant. Capricorn is the 4th House. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Venus and Saturn are friendly. So placement of Lagna Lord Venus in 4th House will give you beneficial result. It is a helpful position for education relationship with mother etc. but as Venus is also 8th Lord it is not good for family happiness.

Lot will depend on condition of Saturn beneficial aspect on Venus.

1st Lord in 4th house for Scorpio Ascendant: For Scorpio ascendant Mars is the 1st House Lord. Aquarius is the 4th House which is ruled by Saturn. Both, Mars and Saturn is enemy to each other. But as 4th House is a Kendra House and Mars is a malefic planet, its placement in 4th House is not bad. If Mars is not further afflicted or Saturn is not weak Mars generally do not give any major negativity result. But this position is not good for the health of your mother.

1st Lord in 4th house for Sagittarius Ascendant: For Sagittarius ascendant Jupiter is the 1st House Lord. Pisces is the 4th House for Sagittarius ascendant. Pisces is also ruled by Jupiter itself. So it is a good placement for you. It will give you good education support from mother and family happiness.

1st Lord in 4th house for Capricorn Ascendant: Saturn is the 1st House Lord for Capricorn. Aries is the 4th House for Capricorn ascendant. Saturn become debilitated in Aries. So this is not a good placement for you. Unless Saturn has got Neecha – Bhanga or cancellation of debilitation this placement will give you negative result mostly. It will increase struggle in your life, problems and obstacles in education, lack of family happiness etc.

1st Lord in 4th house for Aquarius Ascendant: Saturn is the 1st House Lord for Aquarius. Taurus is the 4th House for Aquarius ascendant. Taurus is ruled by Venus, both Venus and Saturn are friendly to each other. Saturn became quite strong in Taurus. It will provided you lot of success in your life. It will give you gain from court case and litigation. It will help you to over come obstacle in life.

Famous film star Amitabh Bachchan has this placement of lagna Lord in 4th House for Aquarius ascendant.

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1st Lord in 4th house for Pisces Ascendant: Jupiter is the 1st House Lord for Pisces – Gemini is the 4th house for the Pisces ascendant. Jupiter is the natural significator of education and Gemini is the sign of intellect. So the placement of 1st Lord in 4th House for Pisces ascendant is very good for education. It will make you knowledgeable, wise and intelligent. It will also give you a pure heart.

I have tried to give you Some information about 1st Lord in 4th house. Hope it will be helpful to you. If you have any query feel free to comment.




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