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2nd Lord in 3rd House for all the Ascendants


2nd Lord in 3rd house is considered as a good placement for financial gain and wealth. Both 2nd house and 3rd house are very important for success in your life. Many rich and famous people are born with this placement.

3rd house is second from 2nd house. In Vedic Astrology with consider the 2nd house from any house as its growth. So when 2nd Lord is placed in 3rd house, it is considered as the growth of 2nd house.

Before going deep in the discussions of the result, you must understand the various areas 2nd and 3rd house rules in your life.

Importance of 2nd Lord

2nd Lord generally indicates our financial status. It is very important planet for all kinds of materialistic gain. But not only money or wealth, 2nd Lord also indicates about our family, resources, family support, our speech and communication skill etc. it is a part of Artha Trikona. So 2nd Lord will help in arranging resources to full fill our life goal.

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What is Importance of 3rd house?

3rd house indicates Courage and bravery. It is the house where we improve our life through our own effort. 3rd house also indicates our younger Sibling. It is also an Upachaya house. So strong 3rd house will help you to overcome difficulties of life. 3rd house is also part of Kamatrikona. Hence it will help in full feeling our desires in life.

3rd house is the opposite of 9th house. Any planet in 3rd house will aspect or have an influence on 9th house. we all know that 9th house is all about our fortune. So planets in the 3rd house will have a direct impact on our fortune.

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Result of 2nd Lord in 3rd house

The Second Lord is the Twelfth Lord for the Third House and the Third House is the Second from the Second House. This Two-Twelve position gives both the positive and negative results depending upon the influence of other factors.

The Third House is in the Second position from the Second. Therefore, it indicates that you will have the capacity or the inclination to earn wealth. You will prosper through own achievements.

It also indicates the extraordinary strength of Second House unless is associated with malefic planets. You will enjoy outstanding status and will have good capacity to make money and live happily in life.

If a malefic planet becomes the Lord of the Second House and is placed in the Third House, it increases the strength of the both Second House and 3rd house. This shows that you will have a very good valour, power of endurance and prowess to make extraordinary good wealth through self-efforts.

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The Third House is also the House of Siblings. Therefore the position of Second Lord in the Third House shows that you will earn through younger brother(s). Your younger Sibling can be very supportive.

If the Second Lord in the Third House is placed in own sign, Mooltrikona sign or is in beneficial position any way,You will be the key person in your family and will be respected and regarded also in your own circle. You will also have a good oratory power.

If there is a benefic planet as the Second Lord in the Third House, then you will be very kind hearted. As the Second Lord, Venus in particular, should not be in the Third House. Because it increases the strength of the Second House though has the capability of not allowing you to enjoy the wealth or any form of wealth you earned.

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Likewise, Jupiter will have the same effect. As the Second Lord Jupiter placed in the Third House, may  not allow you to spend or enjoy wealth.

If the Second Lord in this House is associated with Mercury, then you will have profession related to travel. It could also give you a career in singing or in using your voice in any form to earn livelihood.

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Now we will discuss about the effect of 2nd Lord in 3rd House for every ascendant

2nd Lord in 3rd House for Cancer Ascendant

Sun is the 2nd house Lord for Cancer ascendant. Virgo is the 3rd house. This placement shows that you will have all the resources from your father. You will have a very good communication skill. You will adopt this skill of communicating with people from your father. You will get a lot of experience from your father. Sun is also the planet of creativity and is in the house of skills.

So, this is a very good position for the creative people. But Sun is a hot planet and burns the things in the house it sits. So with this placement, you may not have a very good relation with your younger siblings. Either You or your siblings will always try to dominate each other.

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2nd Lord in 3rd House for Gemini Ascendant

Moon is the 2nd Lord for Gemini ascendant. Leo is the 3rd house for Gemini ascendant. With this placement your mother can be a key person. She will play a significant role in your life and you will be benefited from your mother.

The placement of Moon in the 3rd house shows your skillful mind. It will highlight on your hobbies. You will be successful with your own effort. You can have a very good ability to speak. You will share a very emotional relation with people around you. In the way to communicate with people, you will possess an affectionate quality.

Mars: Mars is the 2nd Lord for Pisces and Libra ascendant.

Second Lord in 3rd House for Pisces Ascendant

For Pisces ascendant Mars rules the 2nd and 9th house. 3rd house is in the sign of Taurus. As Mars is the Karaka of 3rd house, you will have to invest your own effort and work very hard in order to gain wealth. Mars also represents your brother. So your brother(s) may become your helping hand in your life.

In the 3rd house, Mars aspected the 6th house of competitions. So it will help you to defeat competition. With this placement  you can be a famous sports person and will have a great amount of earnings through competitions or tournaments.

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2nd Lord in 3rd House for Libra Ascendant

For Libra ascendant, Mars rules the 2nd and 7th house. 3rd house is in the sign of Sagittarius. When Mars occupies the 3rd house Sagittarius for Libra ascendant, there will be lot of traveling including foreign travel in your life. Mars is comfortable in Sagittarius. So it will give overall good result regarding financial matter and family life.

You will always want to educated people through the experiences in your life. Thus, it can make you a motivational speaker or a religious teachers. Sagittarius is also the sign for law. So you can even become a good lawyer. Whatever the situations is, self-effort will always remain the key for success.

Mercury: Mercury can also be the 2nd Lord for Taurus and Leo ascendant.

Second Lord in 3rd House for Taurus Ascendant

For Taurus ascendant, Mercury rules 2nd and 5th house. Cancer becomes the 3rd house. So, when Mercury occupies the 3rd house Cancer, it will make you a smart sales man with a great ability to speak. You can make people convinced with your emotional talks. You will be very skillful and have the ability to do multiple task at a time. You will be involved with your family business or may become a renowned author.

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2nd Lord in 3rd House for Leo Ascendant

For Leo ascendant people, Mercury rules the 2nd and 11th house. Libra becomes the 3rd house here. when Mercury occupies the 3rd house in the sign of Libra, it will increase your creative skills. It can even make you writer with a great impact on your readers. You will take your family business up and give it a new height with your analytical intellect.

Venus: Venus becomes the 2nd Lord for the two ascendant-Aries and Virgo.

2nd Lord in 3rd House for Aries Ascendant

For Aries ascendant, Venus rules the 2nd and 7th house. Gemini is the 3rd house for Aries ascendant. Venus is strong in Gemini. Venus and Mercury exchanges their energies in the 3rd house.  You will possess a great power of speech. The elegance in your speech will convince a lot of people. Business related to finance and wealth will be good for you. You can earn lot of wealth also through your creative’s skills. Career in film or music industry can also provide to be good for you.

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Second Lord in 3rd House for Virgo Ascendant

For Virgo ascendant, Venus rules the 2nd and the 9th house. Scorpio is the 3rd house for Virgo ascendant. This shows your passion with occult science. The mystic world will always attract you. You will love to talk over Astrology, Numerology in your social circle. You can even become a good practitioner of occult science and earn lot of wealth through it.

Jupiter: Jupiter becomes the 2nd Lord for the Scorpio and Aquarius ascendant.

2nd Lord in 3rd House for Scorpio Ascendant

For Scorpio ascendant Jupiter rules the 2nd and 5th house. So, when the Jupiter occupies the 3rd house in a sign of Capricorn it becomes debilitated. So it is not a good position for money and wealth. You can feel the actual effect of its debilitation when it is close to the degree of debilitation.

But if Jupiter gets Neechabhanga, after some initial struggle you will be able to make good amount of money.  But you may have to spend a lot on your cousins and Siblings. As a benefic planets, Jupiter will always give you money but you will fail to keep that safe.

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2nd Lord in 3rd House for Aquarius Ascendant

For Aquarius ascendant, Jupiter rules the 2nd and 11th house. Aries is the 3rd house for Aquarius ascendant. Jupiter is strong in Aries. With this placement Jupiter will aspect your 9th house of fortune. So it will make you overall fortunate.

This shows that you will be a religious one and love to learn the divine lessons. You will always try to teach the younger members in your family or the locality about the divine knowledge. You will gain wealth through the skill of teaching.

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Saturn: Saturn also the becomes the 2nd Lord for Sagittarius and Capricorn ascendant.

2nd Lord in 3rd House for Sagittarius Ascendant

For Sagittarius ascendant Saturn is the 2nd and 3rd Lord. So placement of Saturn in 3rd house for Sagittarius ascendant is very good. 3rd Lord in 3rd house will give you multiple skills. You will get benefit from self-employment or business. As Saturn aspect the 9th house it will bring some difficulties initially in your life, but you will be able to overcome the problems as well.

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2nd Lord in 3rd House for Capricorn Ascendant

For Capricorn ascendant Pisces is the 3rd house. Saturn is not very strong in Pisces. So when 2nd Lord Saturn  occupies 3rd house Pisces for Capricorn ascendant, you can expect medium financial success in your life. But the actual magnitude of wealth will depend on other important Dhana Yogas present in your chart.

As Pisces is a watery sign, it will give you lot of traveling. You will be settled away from your birth place.  You will never get satisfied or settled in any particular job. So business is the best way to get rid of those problems.

These are some general indication for 2nd Lord in 3rd house. But the result will vary as per Nakshatra, position in other divisional chart, aspect and conjunction with other planets etc.

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